danielle doesnt like it when i ignore her.

she doesnt work at the xbi but she works at the building that we occupy. and even though she says she reads my blog im not sure that she totally understands what i do for a living.

but whenever im around the office for lunchtime i like to eat with her cuz shes funny, shes smart, shes brutally honest, and there has never been a topic that she wont discuss with me.

and she hates wearing underwear.

danielle is half italian half jewish. shes half hippie half yuppie. shes all loud, all fun.

youd be suprised how depressing it can be saving the world. so its nice to have a happy girl to have a half sandwich and soup with on a june gloom friday.

she loves anthropologie and fishing. she likes to hike through the palisades and rich guys with loose wallets. she’ll flash you if you dare her so i dont dare her.

i dont have that many friends at the xbi. its sorta an unsaid rule cuz we drop like flies. and you never know who’s on the take who you’ll have to take for a little drive. and thats why its awesome that danielle doesnt work for us.

unless of course she works for someone who is trying to infiltrate us.

in which case she might get a little tour of the pacific via chopper one.

but i doubt it.

she likes the grateful dead and old school jazz.

she watched the whole last season of the sopranos with me, and now we’re gonna watch Deadwood.

she reads all the books i give her and she finds great details to talk about over thai.

she tells me that in two months shes going to be quitting her job at the flower stand downstairs and go to grad school in san diego.

i will miss her a ton.

i hope she keeps up her blog

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