1. Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    i dont know if youve figured it out yet 

    but these podcasts havent been to show you how cool i am and how wild i can be sober at 1am listening to tsar, but its to share with you the kickass people that i am lucky enough to know.

    this weekend i went to a wedding across the bay from san francisco. i was picked up by the lovely chris and shira at 730am and we drove up the scenic 5 and made it to walnut creek right when the wedding was supposed to start.

    fortunately there was a delay in the plans between bride-to-be and groom-to-be so instead of being late we were early. we witnessed the glorious event, drank beer and water and champaign, i djed the reception and afterwards many of us drove to the dorms of st. marys where we stayed in the grad student housing suites which were clean and secluded and kickass and most importantly CHEAP!

    i cannot express how much fun i had in the dorms in college and how very similar and awesome it was this weekend to have some of my closest friends right there all night, and how great it was to wake up with them the next day.

    anyways after the reception we changed clothes, had pizza ordered, listened to guitars and old original songs, we held babies and recounted stories. it was a thousand times better than i had imagined it.

    around midnight it appeared that the party was winding down as many of the new parents put their little babies to sleep and set up the monitoring devices, etc. and while they did that sk smith (pictured) and i stood next to the snack table in the middle of the lil courtyard and podcasted for a half hour.

    she was the one who put me up in her austin house and played tourguide for me during sxsw, and she is one of my top 5 bloggers.

    maybe the next time i interview her i can ask her why she doesnt post pics of herself on her blog because, sadly, those things matter when it comes to popularity. unfortunately readership oftentimes in influenced when the author is superhot like sk is, and in many ways this blogosphere thing is very much like highschool and the really smart kids are overshadowed by the cheerleaders and exhibitionists.

    i have a feeling that she is far more interested in writing well and using her blog as a way to express herself in ways that she cant in her novels and short stories, plus she has a man, my old roommate dan, so im pretty sure that she doesnt really care if people think shes hot.

    in fact popularity came up in our interview and from what i recall she couldnt give a flip. all she cares about is writing better than everyone and hanging out with her big lug and her cat, monkey.

    and deadwood.

    the podcasts have been decent but not perfect. i realize that its not syncing with the iTunes etc and i also know that help is on the way but its not here yet. im totally coool with that. if my server can handle all the traffic thats coming its way then great, but if mr. Os sends me a bill i might MIGHT have to push the tip jar out there a little and see what the universe can do to help with the bandwidth issues. otherwise we’ll keep keeping on and consider this all a nice soft-opening before the Grande Opening.

    i love you all and i appreciate you standing by me during this turbulent take off but i assure you that once we hit the right altitude the co-pilot will turn off the fasten seat belt light and you will appreciate our cruising speed.

    but hopefully you will see that i was serious about being serious about podcasting. ive pretty much interviewed all your faves and there are more to come including more from me solo. i went to Frys Electronics this afternoon to buy some more equipment and i podcasted there and back. im dedicated, im experimenting, and i promise you that soon it will all come together.

    until then i invite you to hear sk smith get interviewed by moi.


    by the way, if you are to link to any of these podcasts i beg of you to not link to the mp3s directly because those will change. i guarantee it. link to the permalinks on the podcast blog – as those wont change. theres a reason that i set up that podcast blog and thats one of the biggest reasons, so that broken links and downed servers can be rectified without your links being effected.

    for a former stoner i still have a few brain cells. impressed?

    sk smith’s wedding snaps + dave navarro + matt good + jenny good