omg guess who i just had lunch with

omg danielle. omg shes such a spaz she called me i swear ten times on her way up here from san diego, and five just to say that she omg hates the 101.

we dined at the new palms thai which still has pain in the ass parking, if you call buck fiddy valet pain in the ass. i guess its not in LA-terms but it is for thai-terms.

didnt matter the food was killer and the parking dude was all thank you for bringing this wonderful girl. i was all, danielle spin around for the nice man, which she did perfectly on cue.

she had the fried tofu which she said were perfect as always cuz theyre crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, without even a hint of grease.

i told her its because the take hairless virgins and roll them in the wok with the food to suck all the grease and impurities out and whats left is the fried tofu miracle which never has enough sauce for her tastes but thats what waitresses are for.

i had the tom kha kai cuz im predictable, and chicken flied lice cuz im racist and we gabbed about her trip back east and the journey to the hamptons which she says makes beverly hills look like a ghetto

and she said how much she missed me and i told her how much i missed her and she said omg im so fat and i was all omg youre not and she was all look just look and i was all baby im looking have no fear about that

and i put my hand under the table and i gave it a good knock and i said see lil tone loves women and youre all woman and not in the least bit fat so eat your fried foods and drink your non diet cola and lets clink our glasses to hollywood.


afterwards we drove over to my po box and took some pictures and found a little shady area and a flat with a blue door and we clicked a few dozen photos and even took a lil three minute film that i will have for you tomorrow or monday which ever comes first.

and just as quick as she was here she was gone and i will miss her and shes a goddess and such a free spirit and so fun that i want all her dreams to come true

and maybe when you see this film you will have a greater understanding of how cool she is and how willing she is to have fun even in front of the camera.

and tonight i will eat drink and be merry with my two exes and tomorrow i will watch a movie with the cuban girl and sunday i will pray because monday i start my new job,

and summer, thanks for being there it was like jumping jack flash a gas gas gas.

one two.

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