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  1. Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    Goldspot Contest! 

    as the busblog and blogging gains popularity there are increasing opportunities for me, and therefore you.

    the last contest we had was a secret one that even the contestants didnt know they were involved in and Chokey Chicken won a giftbox of goodies that included the Blacksmith’s cd that they gave me specifically for the purposes of a contest. when i decide to stop filling up chad’s gift box and mail it i think he will get on his blog and be shocked at what he has received.

    today i present to you a new contest to see and hear the up-and-coming band Goldspot perform at the world famous west hollywood Troubador next Tuesday July 26.

    as you heard yesterday in my podcast with matt good, there seems to be a dirth of original, creative music out there, and originality is rarely rewarded with radio play or love on mtv.

    recently i was approached by Goldspot’s label to provide a pair of concert tickets for next Tuesday’s show and after listening to them on their Myspace page i agreed to host a small contest on my blog. i am not getting paid for this, this is not an ad, and the label isnt co-opting this post like some bloggers have allowed other companys on their blogs. i am doing this at my own will, because as you have come to expect, nobody calls the shots here about anything except for me.

    which isnt to say that i could not be convinced to sell space on this blog, as is evident from pauly shore’s goofy mug to the left of this post.

    but thats not the case here.

    i think Goldspot is an interesting band with a varied collection of influences, i think theyre trying to do something new, i think that their label is trying to do something new, and i think that whoever wins the pair of tickets will enjoy their night on the town. and not only do i want to encourage and support new music but i want to encourage and support the power of blogs to turn people on to things that they might not be exposed to through the traditional channels.

    so therefore the contest is now open and its so easy i cant even believe it. if you live in LA or you will be in LA on the 26th and you would like to check out Goldspot, simply leave a comment below with why you’d like to go.

    heres the simple catch
    i will only read hiakus
    so write carefully

    you can write as many as you like and the winners post will appear on the busblog Friday afternoon. the winner will get their name plus one on the VIP guestlist.

    bonne chance!

    Goldspot Myspace page + official website + union records

  2. trust me, i like b00bies as much as the next guy. 

    maybe more than some. which is funny because at my advanced age and good fortune ive been lucky enough to investigate and enjoy so many that youd think i would lose interest, but i havent.

    i also havent lost interest in calling idiots and jackoffs – idiots and jackoffs.

    i havent lost interest at pointing at people and saying swear words, i havent lost interest in television, or rock music, or writing, or figuring out creative ways to lure young women home and have them twirl around on my cluttered coffee table.

    and even though i have donated my bongs to charity, i have not lost interest in smoking of the sticky ganja.

    sometimes though you have to just take a pause for the cause and step away for a lil breakie poo and sit on the couch and be amazed by the simple things in life, like nice conversations with friends, or network television.

    for example today i fell back in love with one of my favorite shows, big brother, which if you missed it today, twas top notch.

    its still quite early in the season and we will discuss it in just a sec but let me first say a few words to some people who sucked it up recently and indulged me with what i requested. thank you.

    and now let me say a few words to someone who dissed me in his blog for two days in a row even though we seemingly worked things out. bro youre a coward. you talked shit only to close your comments. thats called chicken shit where i come from and anyone who considers himself a real writer would have the confidence to stand behind his words and defend them with more words on his home court.

    only blowhards and fakers claim to be a man in the title of their blog and then act like a child when it matters. and only a pussy refuses to allow for feedback in their public forum after they’ve thrown out a superlongwinded whine who even the author knows is full of intentional misrepresentations distortions and dreck.

    if youre such a badass writer and so proud of your state school education, then you would feel comfortable writing in your home field comment box to anyone who came in to challenge you.

    this is a fellow who claims to read a book a week, or more, and yet totally misunderstood everything that he read yesterday on this blog and in his comments. in many ways i pity the fool because Hell, i believe, is not a fiery lake in pandemonium, but the curse of walking around Earth ignorant and clueless and cocky. for we all know theres nothing worse than how humans react to genuine losers. either we ruthlessly take advantage of them in every way possible, or we allow them just enough rope that they hang themselves in their folly.

    jealousy is an evil drug that some dont even realize theyre high on. cousin to the creeper weed of college days that leaves you cackling to yourself in the corner like a madman. delusional in the lie that ones every thought is genius and original and spot on and wheres my pen i have to write this shit down. but in the morning, or afternoon in some cases, you wake up and see that indeed you were merely half right. its shit. go back to pretending that youre hung, at least in some circles you might be.

    but to be jealous of a blogger is perhaps the most miserable of all sins. pathetic even to look at on the page. and not even a dumptruck of pity can cure. no wonder you hide in shame like a worm in the dirt.

    get fat off shit, fuck, and flee.

    my day started with a trip into the downtown area of los angeles, through skid row, and then into the magnificent neighborhood of boyle heights. or at least some well kept secret boulevards of that misrepresented burg. who knew of their victorian homes and lush parks and clean streets and giggling children? not me.

    i was there to go over some songs with mr jeff solomon who i dont praise enough on this blog despite the fact that the computer that i have written to you from has been tweaked and fixed and upgraded and improved due to his masterwork. if you live in Los Angeles and you want your computer fixed, he is the man. ask matt welch or tsar or my beautiful attorney or her man. hell, ask any number of our friends. so when he asked me to dj his wedding i said anything jeff anything.

    we met at the practice rooms of the corvids. we kicked out the jams and laughed and danced and figured out the gameplan and afterwards he left with a relieved smile of a man who is in the homestretch of a wedding that probably couldnt get here fast enough for his liking. anyone who has either planned a wedding or been in one can probably understand the relief that he will have once its over.

    afterwards i took the long way home, back through downtown, back across skid row, back through the tall buildings and back to my new favorite part of LA, the tiny area known as chinatown. i figure if i have a car now, i may as well eat right, and since i could eat chinese every day, lets eat chinese every day.

    todays lunch was from lieng hoa deli at 721 broadway. skinniest man i ever saw stood behind the heat lamps and asked if i was going to eat there or “take away”. a little girl stood in the corner making funny sounds by singing into a huge fan. she never stopped cracking herself up.

    i pointed to a red pan and asked what it was. pak he told me. a whole fish stared at me sideways with a lemon on his gills, he barely fit into the pan, and although a great value, i was certain, was probably the least appetizing fish ive met. instead i pointed to a brown collection of lumps and vegetable matter and i asked what it was. that too, he informed me while mixing it with a large spoon was pak.

    fine. load me up. he took his time making sure i had good heaps of red pork and brown pork and fried rice. i paid the man $3.25 and on my way out i helped the young girl make sounds into the fan and she was impressed and her laughter could be heard out into the hot sidewalk outside.

    got home and watched the cubs beat the shit out of the reds. talked to karisa. talked to chris. talked to clipper girl who wants to know if im ready for that jelly yet and i told her that its not like im not interested its just that this is a weird time in my life and as cute as she looks in a hiked up sundress that i just wanted to write something. and here it is twelve hours later, nearly 6am, and finally im getting to write what i want. which is this: i miss my last gf and i hope shes ok, i miss ashley and i hope she knows that im bummed at her, i miss wrigley field and i will make sure to go their next year if not sooner, but mostly i dont miss anything else including the bubbling bong that once was a steady part of my life. it infact has been a pleasant and easy illegal separation.

    i interviewed matt good and put the thing up, and then at midnight ken layne made good on his promise to be interviewed and that will be up tomorrow with part one of my chat with matt welch. for a man on summer vacation ive had quite a day which included so much more that i cant even get into here.

    but one thing you will never be able to say about me is that im a coward and that i have shut off my comments out of fear that i wouldnt be able to hold my own in a typing contest. i can understand how people can mistake the demands that i made yesterday on those clones who have blatantly and completely ganked my deal, as me being macho or proud or egotistical or assholish, because some people cannot see the big picture and dont look at the exact words.

    i never said that i was The man. i said that those who thought that i was the man and stole from the man simply should put the mans name in a place of respect. thats all i ever asked. i never said to stop mimicking, i never said to pay me, i never denounced them for their imitation, i just asked that i be linked where i should be linked.

    simplicity goes over some peoples heads and thats understandable if those heads are up their ass. trust me, i know a thing or two about such people which is why i am being patient with them right now.

    so in big brother they almost had a four way fight. the asshole muscle bound firefighter from mass nearly got into it with the soul patch pretty boy who has garnered the friendship of the hot blonde chess expert who should immediately replace julie chen as host of the show not just because chen is the worst part of the entire cbs lineup but because the blonde is spectacular on several dimensions.

    simultaneously the hot tempered cuban chick nearly went to blows with the usually easy going and pensive iraqi(!) graphic artist from irvine whose nerve was struck when he was (falsely) accused by her of disrespecting women.

    in a move that i havent ever seen in big brother history, a producer of the show through a loudspeaker in the backyard of the house, instructed the soon-to-be warring factions to adjurn to separate parts of the house and cool down, which they did, sadly, and no blows were thrown, thus ending what could have been the best episode in reality television since the time the dude in survivor fell into the firepit.

    but what sick bastard sticks red ants and black ants under a magnifying glass only to put them in timeout when they merely do what comes naturally? although all the characters involved are interesting and likeable in their own unique ways, nothing would have pleased me on my leather couch with my pile of pak than to see a mele which would have resulted in the expulsion of four players in a game that appears now to have a predictable outcome.

    and if some hero thinks that the cuban chick wouldnta been able to hold her own against the iraqi then theyre sexist, and if some tv producer is under the impression that the musclebound meathead would have caused permanent damage to the fratboy then he obviously hasnt seen very many fights.

    i love big brother and ive always loved big brother but the first rule of reality tv is dont fuck with the reality. they didnt stop that dude a few seasons ago from taunting that chick with a knife and nothing came of it, and although the producers did intervene in the second season of the show after one of the chicks cleaned the toilet with one of the dude’s toothbrush, they let her do it first and Then they had her apologize and replace the toothbrush before he used it.

    fuckers are going to get me to subscribe to the 24 hour feeds for the first time ever, because even though they all had a heart to heart house meeting, it all revolved around the tension brought up by the muscleheaded fireman who is safe for this week but who will probably be voted out next week because of this near-riot.

    and who will come out smelling like roses?


    cuz girls wear skirts.

    oh yeah and i took down raymi’s banner because people do read the busblog at work and it might get innocent people in trouble. but raymi i love you and your nakedness is totally fine with me. in a perfect world i would have a nudie blog and your image would be all over that shit.

    speaking of which, for more nudes of miss toronto make your way to

    raymi + jen + and fil + top pic of krista + fuck this website

  3. Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  4. yesterday i interviewed four very nice people 

    two matts a stuart and an aaron.

    aaron for some reason isnt crazy about being interviewed on the phone, and i can appreciate that, i hate the phone too. and whats great is he likes aol chats. so for those of you who like inside baseball, meaning not just “yankees suck”, but intelligent deep deep discussion of our national pasttime, then you will enjoy any upcoming conversations with my favorite baseball blogger.

    then i got on the horn and talked to canadian rocker and blogger matthew good who has returned from his mini tour across the great white north. we talked for about an hour and we both decided that it was a good interview but it wasnt perfect. i wouldnt call matthew a perfectionist but he cares far more about details than i do. i respect that and i should learn from his fine lesson.

    whats also interesting is where i might look at blogging and podcasting as a fun lil hobby to do on the side, guys like matt good are talking about not just his life but his profession, and part of his profession depends on his image. id be a liar if i didnt admit that part of the formulae that goes into my cd-buying habits has to do with the politics of how i view bands. not “is it cool or not to buy BandX” but things like “Singer Y is an asshat, fuck if im ever going to buy his records again.”

    mr good is quite aware of that mentality among music buyers and is wise to be careful about the things that might be misunderstood in the press and in blogs. especially in coversations with guys like me who try to get people to drop their natural defenses. what i like about matthew is i know we will have plenty of conversations in the future, on the record and off, and therefore i want the ones that will be on the record to be educational and interesting and insightful and one dry run practice is fine with me. it’ll be novel to hear me come across as professional and prepared for once.

    i also had a nice chat with mr stuart berkowitz a producer of the howard stern show who is still employed at E! stuart and i worked side by side for several years. i called him when it looked like he might be laid off from E! like the crew in ny but he was already on vacation. today he called me back and we got to discuss my lay off and his current employment. i invited him repeatedly to talk in a podcast with me about some of his experiences on the show but he hesitated since its sorta well known that the behind the scenes staff of the show pretty much stay behind the scenes. again i respected his wishes since that show has been his profession for the last six years and my podcast is a bs lil hobby that i started a few days ago. i would hate to have stu’s future get jeopordized and i would be very saddened if i found that ive upset howard. stu and i are to have lunch next week so maybe i can get him to say hi to you all.

    then i hung out all night with my good pal mr matt welch and his beautiful wife emmanuelle richard. matt and i sat in his backyard and talked all night about a variety of topics and drank bottles of wine. not only was it so much fun bopping from sports to politics to our glory days at the nexus, but it was great just to hang out with my former little league co-manager, something i rarely do despite living a half mile away.

    you all realize im an idiot, right?

    so matt and i talked until the batteries ran out of the player and then we talked some more and then em found more batteries and we talked even more. if you think me and aaron got into some inside baseball shit you should hear where me and matt went. fuck! and lucky you over the next week i will be sending portions of those conversations onto the web.

    will you find it interesting? who knows. i hope you will. i tried to break them up by topic so if you dont like baseball dont download that segment. if i were you id download it anyway because you might want to hear me make fun of matt for knowing all the sick shit that he knows about baseball players of the turn of the century. its bizzare. how can you know someone for nearly 20 years and not realize that he can pull out names like Stuffy McGuinness and actually know who the fuck he is.

    after he said that, of course i grabbed the mic and said, “for those of you listening, Matt is not reading off notes, nor has he made that name up. i know this because i know he’s not that creative.”

    im a lucky man who has been blessed with awesome friends and cool coworkers. just like i feel blessed to live here in hollywood and i have made this blog as a way to give those of you a glipse of the real tinsle town, i am interviewing these people so you can meet, in a way, some of the best bloggers and coolest people. i know that if i had stayed in suburbs of chicago i would certainly appreciate interviews with people like stu and aaron and the matts, and thats what i think of when i do these things. you. the one in the burbs.

    expect some more updates on the podblog supersoon.

    scotty has another bad day + crooks and liars has so many great vids + shane defends himself + “busblog? im not impressed”

  5. Monday, July 18, 2005

    exlusive interview with Aaron Gleeman! 

    busblog: holy crap is this The aaron gleeman?!?!?

    Aaron: it might be

    busblog: <- tony pierce here Aaron: heh
    Aaron: THE tony pierce?

    busblog: ahahahah
    busblog: yes!

    Aaron: I was just about to e-mail you, actually.

    busblog: good!
    busblog: what was your response going to be?

    Aaron: I’m a chicken shit with radio shows, podcasts, phone interviews, etc.

    busblog: get out!
    busblog: why?!?!

    Aaron: Yeah, i think it’s like a phobia.
    Aaron: for real

    busblog: interesting. ok i can appreciate that. not everyone is meant for everything

    Aaron: Yeah, I’m meant for very little.

    busblog: so not ture
    busblog: do you have a few minutes, can i aol interview you?

    Aaron: of course

    busblog: right on!
    busblog: ok aaron, what a pleasure to chat with you
    busblog: you are probably the best baseball blogger out there
    busblog: first since youre the guest, lets do some twins talk

    Aaron: They stink right now. Despite them finally getting rid of Luis Rivas, I am very depressed about their season.

    busblog: whats up with Brett Boone?

    Aaron: Bret Boone is done. As Bill Simmons would say, it’s hard to play baseball effectively with a giant fork sticking out of your back.

    busblog: why the Twins demise? age? roids?

    Aaron: They are almost exactly as good as they’ve been for the past three years, but the other teams in the division (namely the White Sox) are way better. So instead of cruising to the AL Central title, they have to fight with teams like New York and Boston for the Wild Card. And us Minnesotans aren’t meant to be fighting with New Yorkers.

    busblog: perhaps
    busblog: salary-wise, definately not
    busblog: but thats never bothered you guys before

    Aaron: Yeah, I think we’re pushing like 1/4 of NY’s salary. It’s never bothered us, but we’ve never had to beat NY or BOS (or Baltimore, whatever) for a playoff spot.

    busblog: can the Sox keep that pace?

    Aaron: They won’t keep this pace, but short of their team plane crashing they’ll win the division.

    busblog: it seems to me that its all due to their pitching noone is hitting over .300 and only two guys have over 15 dingers

    Aaron: BTW, if the team plane crashed, how long would I have to pretend like I was sad for? A week?

    busblog: as a cub fan id have a party. but itd kill my fantasy teams

    Aaron: But yeah, Chicago’s pitching has been sick this year.

    busblog: and now el duque is coming back

    Aaron: Yeah, he’s going tonight. The funny thing is that they have this rookie McCarthy who is a great prospect, but he’s stunk when called up to fill in.

    busblog: still garland, buehrle, garcia, contreras. not bad

    Aaron: Yeah, although either Ozzie or the pitching coach deserves some sort of award for turning garland and conteras into something so good

    busblog: but again, can they keep the twins at bay without a .300 hitter? has there been such a playoff-bound team before?

    Aaron: Sure. The Twins last year had a horrible offense and the top pitching staff in the league, and it worked for them.

    busblog: no .300 hitters last year on the twins?

    Aaron: I don’t know about .300 hitters, but I’m one of those stat-head geeks who is into more than just batting average. :-)

    busblog: ahahah kids today

    Aaron: The White Sox have outscored the Twins by 26 runs this year.

    busblog: im old school: ave, sb, hr, era, ks
    busblog: ribbies
    busblog: explain to the audience why thats flawed

    Aaron: Well, I think the White Sox are a good example. You might think they have a bad offense because they don’t have any .300 hitters, but like I said they are actually scoring more runs than the Twins. And in the end, scoring runs is what matters, not batting average. Batting average is just part of scoring runs, you know?

    busblog: so their success is due to on base percentage, walks, hitting with men in scoring position?

    Aaron: Yeah, they are better at those things than hitting for an average. Take Tampa Bay. They rank fifth in batting average, but they stink because they don’t walk or hit any home runs. All they do is hit singles.

    busblog: will they trade away Huff?

    Aaron: They should. By the time they have a good team he’ll be as old as you.

    busblog: ahahaha

    Aaron: 450 or whatever.

    busblog: explain the Nationals’ success …changing the subject… :-)

    Aaron: That’s a confusing team. To be honest I’m not sure how they’re doing it. They’ve been outscored this year, yet are 53-39, which is crazy.

    busblog: credit has to be given to their closer, right?

    Aaron: Usually comparing a team’s runs scored and runs allowed is a good barometer of how good they are, but not in this case. Yeah, they’ve been very good in 1-run games, which helps a lot.
    Aaron: Same with the White Sox, they’ve killed people in 1-run games.

    busblog: and guillen is their only guy with more than even 10 homers

    Aaron: They’re dead last in runs scored in the NL.

    busblog: woah. i did not know that

    Aaron: me neither, i just looked it up so i could sound smart

    busblog: and yet first place in the east!
    busblog: major props to Frank Robinson, obviously

    Aaron: Yeah, although I’d bet on them fading down the stretch.
    Aaron: It’s tough to keep it up all year when you don’t score more runs than you allow.

    busblog: Preston Wilson was a good pickup, no?

    Aaron: Fair. They’ve had some injuries, so they could use another bat and another outfielder, but he’s nothing special. He put up some nice numbers because of Coors Field, but he’s not so good at regular altitude.

    busblog: ok, new topic… steroids

    Aaron: I’m on the juice right now, actually. Helps me type faster.

    busblog: its my belief that this crackdown has brutally effected some stars who are trying to learn to play without the juice

    Aaron: I think it’s tough to say. Early on homers were down and everyone was saying it was because of the juice crackdown, but now homers are almost back up to “normal” levels. Every guy having a down year gets pointed to as a steroid user, but in reality he might just be having a crappy year.

    busblog: is giambi a good example of that?

    Aaron: Giambi had all kinds of problems, not the least of which is that he’s 34 years old and sort of husky. But he’s been really good lately.

    busblog: were the Cubbies fortune tellers by unloading sammy when they did?

    Aaron: Yeah, definitely. He’s a mess now.

    busblog: roids? or lack thereof?

    Aaron: Baltimore is DHing him and dropping him in the lineup and giving him days off. The end is near.

    busblog: so sad

    Aaron: Could be, but who knows? He’s also pretty old and was declining before all the steroids crackdown started.

    busblog: last year he had his worse year ever and still knocked 35. this year he wont even get 25

    Aaron: Yeah, he had the great year in 2001 and has gone down in overall production every year since

    busblog: but hes not the reason the O’s keep sinking. is it their pitching? cuz their lineup is amazing

    Aaron: They’ve had a ton of injuries. Erik Bedard, Javy Lopez, Melvin Mora, Luis Matos, etc, etc. But yeah, their pitching isn’t great, I don’t think.
    Aaron: My Twinkies play them tonight, so I’m sure Baltimore will sweep us.

    busblog: i’ll light a candle for you. ok Cubs talk

    Aaron: ok

    busblog: explain Derek Lee’s triple crown season. there were No signs that would have pointed to this. in fact everyone thought Ramirez would break out this year

    Aaron: Right. He’s been very good for the last few years, but this is a whole nother level.

    busblog: ive watched closely and bro swings at everything, uses all fields and Everything drops, or goes in the first two rows

    Aaron: It’s a shame that they haven’t been able to get that many guys on base in front of him, or he’d have even more RBIs

    busblog: was dusty a fool for forcing Patterson to lead off?

    Aaron: yeah, and Neifi leading off or batting second was an ever worse idea. but now they’re going with walker and hairston a lot in front of lee, right?

    busblog: yeah and it seems to be working now that walker is healthy, but will that get them into the playoffs?

    Aaron: i think they have a shot. they arent catching st. louis, but they could definitely win the wild card. i figure washington fades, atlanta takes over atop the NL East, and the Cubs have to beat Washington, philly, florida and the mets for the Wild Card

    busblog: im still nervous, when i think of a solid playoff team i dont think of neifi and todd walker at the top of the lineup. and it aint like the bottom of our lineup is much better

    Aaron: neifi is horrible. one of the worst hitters in baseball history

    busblog: meaning d.lee, ramirez, burnitz and that pitching staff is all we have?

    Aaron: right. they really could have used nomar

    busblog: they say he’ll be back 8/1 … but of what year
    busblog: last cubbie question, is Dusty overrated?

    Aaron: yeah, i think he is. he does some things very well, but i dont think he’s strong at filling out a lineup and i think he abuses certain members of the pitching staff and then acts shocked when they come down with arm injuries

    busblog: exactly. i worked for the SF Giants in ’97. they had a great young staff. but who really had a good solid career? reuter? no. estes? no ortiz? not really.

    Aaron: Yeah, thats always been the knock on dusty. he’s old-school to the tenth power, but sometimes thats uneccessary

    busblog: livan was only there for a short time

    Aaron: yeah, livan is a freak of nature when it comes to avoiding injuries despite throwing tons of pitches. in fact: http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/the-arm-pitch-counts-forgot/

    busblog: nice!
    busblog: i’ll read it later

    busblog: ok so lets finish up with the yanks and the sox. explain to the audience how the Bosox have been able to take care of the yankees despite stienbrenner putting every single dollar in NY into that team. including nabbing leiter who threw great yesterday

    Aaron: its kind of funny. the red sox are (or were, at least) seen as sort of the underdog team, but the reality is that they spend more than anyone else besides the yankees

    busblog: on who?
    busblog: shill… but who else?
    busblog: manny?

    Aaron: so if you spend 70% of what the yankees do, when other teams are spending 30%, and you make better decisions than NY, you can beat them

    busblog: right. didnt they get ortiz for a steal?

    Aaron: yeah, from the twins too

    busblog: i know, sorry bro

    Aaron: i think damon makes like 8 mill
    Aaron: renteria, varitek, damon, nixon all make about 6-8 mill a year
    Aaron: foulke, clement, ortiz all around 5-7

    busblog: i guess that adds up. so what are their “better desicions”?

    Aaron: the red sox do a better job building a deep team in case of injuries

    busblog: and is that all theo epstein’s brilliance?

    Aaron: the yankees seem to find themselves scrambling for retreads like leiter a lot, or calling up rookies who arent ready
    Aaron: yeah, i think theo is pretty damn good

    busblog: clement was a key pickup. why was it that noone was high on him during the off season?

    Aaron: yeah, boston signed clement, whereas the yanks signed pavano and wright, who have both stunk. Clement had a bad record when he was with the Cubs, and a lot of people (like you!) don’t look beyond wins and losses for pitchers. But now that he’s on a team that scores some runs, he can win more games.

    busblog: i looked as his K’s which were great. 190 last year

    Aaron: yeah, he gets strikeouts and doesnt give up many hits

    busblog: so do you play fantasy baseball?

    Aaron: nah, i just write about it

    busblog: why dont you play? youd seem like a ringer

    Aaron: i used to. now i play much more dorky things, like this thing called diamond-mind which is liked a suped up fantasy baseball for uber-nerds

    busblog: sheesh
    Aaron: we dont look at RBIs and batting averages and all that

    busblog: well next year i want you in one of my yahoo leagues

    Aaron: i’d probably stink. i barely keep track of RBIs and steals and all that stuff

    busblog: steals dont matter?

    Aaron: they matter, sure. but not even close to as much as they matter in fantasy baseball

    busblog: oh right. so if i were to set up a new league next year what stats should i have?

    Aaron: On-base percentage, slugging percentage
    Aaron: or you could get really nerdy and go with some of these stats with initials in them … VORP, RCAA and all that

    busblog: yeah no thanks
    busblog: is bill james in the hall of fame?

    Aaron: no, but he should be some day

    busblog: is moneyball the best baseball book of all time?

    Aaron: not even close. ball four. and a close second is (plug alert!) the hardball times baseball annual

    busblog: ahahahaha

    Aaron: second edition coming to stores in november!

    busblog: lemme know and i will link it
    busblog: final final question
    busblog: Rafael Palmerio hall of fame?

    Aaron: For sure. I am surprised by how many people argue against him, actually.

    busblog: me too!
    busblog: 3000 hits
    busblog: total consistancy

    Aaron: he’s gonna end up with like 3200 hits 600 homers

    busblog: so why are they hatin?
    busblog: cuz he was a dh?

    Aaron: because he was never an MVP, never one of the 2-3 best players in baseball
    Aaron: but he was always a very, very good player for like 15-18 years running

    busblog: but at first base theres so much competition for all star appearances, and MVPs – feh

    Aaron: right. first base is tough

    busblog: thats the book id like to read: The Fallacy of the MVP

    Aaron: yeah, im sick of the people who vote for baseball awards

    busblog: Ron Santo… hall of fame?

    Aaron: He’s a close call, but I think I’d say yeah
    Aaron: plus the guy has no limbs at this point, he needs something to cheer him up

    busblog: simply because he played with Diabeties… the bad kind

    busblog: well dude this has been an honor
    busblog: i think youd do well on the phone
    busblog: so think about it

    Aaron: ok, i will

    busblog: we need to podcast your ass

    Aaron: it’s not you, i turn down everyone for phone stuff :-)

    busblog: ahahahah thats ok. we all have our quirks
    busblog: i love your blog so this has been a thrill for me

    Aaron: if that’s true, you have some problems, but thanks

    busblog: get drunk and email me and maybe that will get you on the phone

    Aaron: yeah, that might be the best chance for everyone involved

    busblog: i’ll send a bottle of rum over to the house

    Aaron: im a vodka man :-)

    busblog: done!
    busblog: good luck in the second half

    Aaron: you too. have fun watching neifi

    busblog: ahahah yeah

    Aaron: and dont let instapundit make you crazy. because really, who the fuck reads him anyway? not me.

    busblog: i think i make him more crazy than he makes me
    busblog: and hes got the #2 most read blog in the universe

    Aaron: who is #1? sullivan? kos?

    busblog: Daily Kos

    Aaron: ah yeah, and they’re taking over the baseball world too now

    busblog: who>?

    Aaron: kos

    busblog: really? howso?

    Aaron: they have set up a blog for almost every team

    busblog: i didnt know that
    busblog: i never go to kos

    Aaron: like here’s one for the A’s: http://www.athleticsnation.com/

    busblog: thats a kos blog?

    Aaron: and here’s the main site for the whole baseball group of blogs: http://www.sbnation.com/
    Aaron: he doesnt write it, obviously, but he is in charge

    busblog: whoah. brilliant! how smart to use your popularity and expand on it
    busblog: damn

    Aaron: it was even in the NY Times a while ago. They must have a sweet publicist

    busblog: 222 comments on that a’s blog~

    Aaron: yeah, it’s crazy

    busblog: thanks for the tip!
    busblog: im out bro
    busblog: thanks again

    Aaron: see ya
    Aaron signed off at 3:39:32 PM.

    hewhocannotbenamed + stoner diary + kool keith + dave the pa

  6. lets get a few things straight. 

    there are more than a few blogs out there that are busblog ripoff sites. and thats nice. Imitation is the highest form of blahblahblah, and all that. and hell, if im going to preach and teach and be all righteous on this shit then nobody should be surprised if a few people actually take me up on it.

    however, never have i said that you should write in all lowercase

    or break yr lines for emphasis

    or take all your pictures from yahoo news

    or have fake interviews with inanimate objects like your blog

    hi blog

    fuck you tony you dont talk to me anymore dont talk to me now

    if anything ive tried to help you be more comfortable in being yourself and telling your stories and developing your style. its great that you like mine, but its mine, and i will whip your ass at being tony pierce any day of the week stoned or sober, employed or free.

    i appreciate the props but realize you cannot blog like that forever and know that you will never be as popular long-term as the person who youre imitating. ask john cafferty and the beaver brown band.

    and you damn well arent in the position to “nudge” me or “correct” me in anything other than spelling, but guess what, i have a spell checker right here and i dont use it so what makes me think im going to listen or be influenced by you?

    i do the influencing here.

    whats fascinating is some have had the guts to think that after five posts on their brand new blog that they can teach me a thing or two about writing or blogging or livin. as if!

    on the fourth of july of last year i was given a gmail invite by one mr jason sutter of blogger. on that day i set it up so that every time i made a post it would get emailed to my gmail and put in my folder called “posts”. since last year at this time i have made 1,078 posts. you dont even have a tenth of that.

    you dont even have 78.

    some of those posts ended up in a self published book that some (maybe you, paid real money for), one of those posts ended up in the washington post.

    you know who gives me advice? nobody. my mother does. she begs me not to curse. i love my mother more than anyone in the world and i dont even listen to her so why on earth do you think id listen to you, you who steals from me without kissing my ass properly.

    if im number one in your blogheart i need to be number one on your blogroll. if youre jacking my style if youre stealing my design if youre biting my look or sound or technique my name needs to be in big letters at the top of your shit. period.

    wanna call me the king of bloggers? that’ll do. even king call me the king. he doesnt put me on top of his list, but that may change and xtx rules so im cool with that.

    dc puts me on top, right above lileks and thats about right. fuckr. and dc’s done that for a long time and he doesnt even bite my style so doubly good for him. and guess what, hes been linking me for years and his writing has only gotten better. why? because hes working on his shit, not mine.

    tiffany put Lick way up top on her shit and kept it there even though we havent done Lick in a long time. but notice on her links of people im on top and she even prefaces my name with a “mr.” good for you baby. props right back at you.

    flagrant has me as her only external link. now thats love. “emergency exit” is how she links to me, and guess what, any time someone asks me about bloggers shes one of the few who i talk about. its called mutual respect. shes got her own thing going too and shes been consistently kickass over the years and im stoked that we might get an interview out of her soon cuz its been far too long.

    ive dropped a notch on paige‘s blog, but its below goldenfiddle, which is fine cuz i dont visit bro enough and its a nice reminder. ive also dropped below anti on alecia’s but i think shes hot for him so thats cool too.

    yes im vain and competitive and flawed and fucked. it makes me happy to be linked on the sidebars of instapundit and little green footballs as well as matt and jen good, and i love having gregs portrait of me on raymis blog.

    how many bloggers do you know who are on such a wide spectrum of blogs like that without selling out, without pandering, without blatantly kissing ass.

    therefore if youre going to come here every day and go back to your blog with what youve learned you better damn well put my name and my link up where it belongs: far up top for everyone to see. else youre frontin and thats wickeddy wack yo.

    and if you want to pretend that im famous like oprah, im cool with that too.

    yes links mean a lot to me which is why i link back as much as i do.

    probably because i know how much they mean to you too.

    4rilla is nervous about stern + small island girl + bart + tsar was on KROQ last night

  7. Sunday, July 17, 2005
  8. ready for twenty six minutes with tony? 

    good cuz here it comes.

    tivo stoked my ass today with suggesting two of my secret favorite movies so i had to watch them instead of blogging or doing the hundred page photo essay that im going to bust on your unsuspecting asses this week some time.

    why? because i havent done a proper photo essay in a super long time and youve been patient and others have done photo essays and i havent and finally i have a good topic that i think you will all like and soon i will have a new job that will probably be hard and i wont have “time” to bust and i cant really look at my blog and say yeah thats what i did the summer that i had off.

    so it would be nice to look at a kickass photo essay and say yeah no way could i have done that if i had had a job.

    oh the movies that ive been watching? cant hardly wait, and fifty first dates.

    right now im watching fifty first dates again cuz im a sucker. right now drew just found out that it isnt october, a few minutes ago she ran over a penguin. how cant you love that.

    ok so the instapundit and i exchanged some nice emails today and that was nice. when you take pot shots at a guy and call him names sometimes they take it the wrong way and sometimes they get it. im not sure he gets it but i have a feeling that he knows i dont hate him. the truth is i like him and i read his blog all the time and i just want him to play this game fair. and anyone who doesnt think that blogging isnt a game is fooling themselves. especially political blogging.

    i mean yeah we can all talk about cat food and pajamas but bloggers dont have any real power and if anyone thinks that the election was won or lost by bloggers is silly. michael moore had far more influence on americans and they still didnt give a fuck. so bloggers are just delusional if they think that they have any true effect on the big picture. yes we are all part of the game but individually we’re a tiny part. a speck. a voice in the chorus. a huge chorus.



    so after some quick emailing of me telling him that he was linking something innacurrate he told me that as soon as he got home hed investigate my last post and true to his word he updated his post and then linked to it in a new post.

    on top of that he linked to my post where i talked about him being wrong and where i called him names. you gotta admit thats mighty classy.

    the way i see it this whole thing is just one big swimming pool and it should be treated as a huge splash fight.

    laugh as you call someone fat. giggle as they call you a dumbass. duck when someone does a cannonball from the high dive. say poo-poo when someone calls marco.

    none of it makes any difference and if someone can get laid off their blog, or some bills can get paid, or if they can score a job off their shit then good, but for the most part all of this is just zeros and ones spinning through the ether, voices in the wilderness, signifying nothing.

    the music is great in this movie.

    of course the instapundit is dead wrong when he called joe wilsons correction “useless“, and i find it crazy that a respected law professor cant see the difference between wilson saying “My wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity” and meaning “My wife’s job as a clandestine officer was fucked over and her career as a spy was ruined when Bob Novak that piece of shit outted her as part of payback from the whitehouse,” and a dumbass like me in my pajama bottoms can see it clearly.

    on friday when the mr reynolds linked to the quote and said that wilson was letting the air out of his story, even he had to believe that the former ambassador probably didnt mean it that way, because if joe wilson meant it that way it would mean that there was no crime since she wasnt undercover, and this two year investigation would be over deserving of far more than an aside buried into his post.

    when wilson corrected himself the quote stood as more of an attack on novak as opposed to an admission. huge huge difference.


    theres a woman in jail right now. a white woman! reporters are yelling at the white house press secretary. karl roves big fat mouth is shut right now, all because an investigator is trying to find out if plame was covert and if she was who was responsible for her cover being blown.

    if joe wilson, her husband, all of a sudden says “oh yeah she wasnt a spy when novak wrote his piece” then it would be the biggest story of the day, not the fourth link of a post on a blog that last summer was devoted to nailing wilson against the wall.

    therefore how could his correction be useless?

    stil unconvinced that theres no way plame was still undercover? heres an exchange between lawrence o’donnell and tony blankley on kcrw on friday

    Here’s what I think is definitive on this question. Patrick Fitzgerald has represented to the courts that he is pursuing a serious, national security, criminal violation. It seems to me in this grand jury, witness number one — and Tony you’ve been a prosecutor, you know how they assemble cases — witness number one would have been a CIA administrator who comes in and testifies about how Valerie Plame does indeed fit the law’s requirements. Because if witness number one doesn’t do that successfully for the prosecutor, there is absolutely no reason to call witness number two, because there is no crime to investigate.


    Yeah–well–I mean–that’s one way to approach it.

    – via crooks and liars who also has audio

    this is where i wish i had a radio show on sirius satelite radio called Bloggers cuz i would have the good professor on each friday the same way al franken has joe conasan on his show every friday. because obviously at the end of the week i have lots of questions to ask my favorite blogger.

    who linked me today for the first time in over two years.

    which was nice.

    i could go on but our time is done.

    and tomorrow you will hear at least one new podcast, and maybe four depending on how the quality of what i recorded turned out.

    i took the best shower tonight.

    its four am so i guess i should bid you good nite.

    congratulations zulieka! + i shoulda interned at brooks’s this summer + sk smith + hell to the no, y’all

  9. Saturday, July 16, 2005

    two years ago 


    jamie says that sometimes the comments are the best part.

    and of course he’s right.

    #7 Jul 16 2003, 06:47 pm

    Please don’t have children.



    now its true i do take requests, and al3x was polite enough to say please, so i might have to give the man what he wants purely on principle.

    not that it would be hard.

    im not the most lovable man.

    i sweat when i sleep.

    i enjoy the bible.

    and pornography.

    i really know way too much about sports, and most women find that annoying.

    and then theres this blog, and the website, and the busriding. those three things dont usually add up to a lot of fornication, i dont care how big your dick is.

    i dont like to read very many books, i hate dancing, and i like to do it three times a day.

    who’s gonna want that from their man, al3x?

    im not handy, i dont like salads, im messy, i dont cook, id rather not go out on friday nights, im a terrible dresser, im not interested in money, i like hip hop metal and punk, and im always changing my mind.

    girls dont like to lose at scrabble.

    i fucking whip their asses at scrabble.

    girls dont like being called girls.

    girls dont like it when i call the united states america. they tell me that america includes north south and central america, not just the usa.

    and then theres the problem about the fact that on the rare occasions that i do get a little action, i always wear condoms.


    how am i gonna have any children doing that, my man?

    so worry not, old chap, if your fear of a hundred little tonys running around this fine world in a few years has you losing sleep, rest your pretty little head.


    your momma swallows everything i got.

    tao of poker’s pauly totally kicked ass this week + moxie + jennifer good

  10. Friday, July 15, 2005

    hey emailers, yes i know the instapundit fucked up 

    and i know that he’s still linking to an inaccurate CNN “transcript” that claims that ucsb alumn joe wilson said that his wife “was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity”.

    and even though im still up to my elbows in alligators trying to get this podcast nonesense together, and i know that Kos, MediaMatters, and Metafilter were all over this earlier in the day,

    and i know that AP via Yahoo have fixed the error that’s still in USA Today,

    he obviously doesnt see his error. maybe he doesnt read any of those sites – or hasnt all afternoon. maybe it was pretty on campus and he was taking pics, or he was with his family. some people have lives you know.

    but i agree it’s not cool that when CNN fixed their version they didnt add any comment saying that they goofed the first time. particularily since it was their fuckup that started the domino effect.

    but why are you telling me?

    shouldnt you be telling the blogfather?

    he’s the one who still hasnt done an Update on his post, hes the one who’s still linking to the archived f’ed up transcript, and maybe he’ll write a big rant about how dishonest cnn was today in changing something that made everyone who linked to it look bad. he bitched about the BBC on tuesday for “airbrushing”, im sure he’ll give this equal time. and maybe while he’s at it he’ll ask wtf is up with their transcript archives.

    i havent said shit about Rove today and not because i dont have anything to say, hell ive got plenty. including a response to some questions by a commentor from my rove roundup post of a few days ago.

    i havent written hardly anything today because i’m trying to do my stupid ass podcast which i may think twice about because not only is the RSS bullshit a pain in the ass but this ebay-ed recorder might be a POS after all.

    anyways, thanks for the heads up, but the professor has an email box too.

    tell him.

    if what you were doing was playing Gotcha so that id go off on some rant about how the good professor aint so good, thats not how we do it here. bro is finally doing what we as his loyal readers have been waiting for him to do: talk about Rove. yes he flipped it around to talk about Wilson, but baby steps, friends, baby steps.

    i do not think that he is intentionally trying to mislead his gazillion readers. i do noth think that he is intentionally waiting for the end of the day to correct his error, i do not think that he would sit on his hands and intentionally try to keep a lie alive.

    he and i might disagree with how to do things on blogs but i sincerely do not think that he would resort to flat out cheating to discredit joe wilson. if anyone knows that wilson does a fine job of discrediting himself its glenn. my question is, if we all agree that what comes out of wilsons mouth is suspect, why would the instapundit jump on that false line? the worlds most popular blogger established last summer that wilson’s words are curious at best, so why would glenn cherry-pick yesterdays alleged line? thats the only thing i have problems with.

    but please, if you see that a blogger has linked an inaccurate article, or a story that ended up being changed, tell him, not me. i know it would be easier if he had comments, but not everyone wants to put up with commentors.

    ten bucks says glenn will go through his email at some point tonight and see the correction that is due to his readers and he will fix it.

    just because he’s dishonest about not being a republican doesnt mean that hes a dishonest blogger. everyone has funky lil quirks.

    and by the way, if you want me to pat you on the head for something, stick to porn recommendations, tips on texas hold em, or find me a solution to my podcasting/RSS issue.

    currently i have MP3s and im trying to figure out how to turn that into a podcast. my email addy is dumbfuck at tonypierce.com


    [Update: a reader informs me that Drudge still has the innacurate headline, but its linked to a corrected Newsday AP story. but friends, i implore you, why are you emailing me tell drudge and insty!]

    [Midnight Update: Drudge has taken down the inaccurate link and wording, Reynolds has not. Developing…]

    [Final Update – 3pm PT: The instapundit updated his post, after we exchanged a few friendly emails and calls it a “non-error” correction. i suppose we will agree to disagree as context is everything and Wilson, obviously has been saying all along that his wife was covert… and what he meant was *once* Novak wrote his piece, Plame instantly stopped being covert. I cannot get into the head of Prof. Reynolds, but I imagine that the reason that he put the link and quote up there originally wasnt because he thought that Wilson was slamming Novak, but because Glenn though that Wilson was admitting that his wife wasnt covert at the time of the article. Kudos for Glenn for acknowledging Wilson’s context. see… told ya he wasnt so bad.]

    maybe this is a job for the buzzmachine + sex and hockey + ciavarro + fc bearded