why i love ev williams

and why he was on my list of 100 Greatest American Men for two years in a row:

yesterday i was procrastinating and i was clicking around the blogosphere and i saw an amazingly beautiful blog

on the left hand side i saw contact information and noticed that the author had provided her AOL screen name, so i clicked it and i swear to God this is verbatim the begining of the conversation:

me: hey you dont know me, but your blog design is super gorgeous
me: im going to link to it on my blog
me: did you design it yourself?

her: thanks!
her: i did

me: incredible

her: what’s your blog?
her: oh you flatter me

me: http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm
me: do you study design in school or do it professionally?

her: tony pierce
her: THE tony pierce?!
her: i do neither
her: and thank you!

me: ahahah you know me?

her: of course i do!

and cynics may say, oh youre on ev’s tip cuz you might want a job from him in the future, or cuz maybe he’ll link to you on his blog or some of that bs, but no. i mean sure, it would have been nice to have worked with him back during the blogger days, but shit, how do you beat the above convo.

btw these are the legs of the girl in question in the conversation.

so no, i dont want anything *from* ev, i want to thank him *for* this software. he has stoked me in so many ways that im the one who needs to repay him in some way.

when we were at sxsw and we were able to spend a few minutes to talk we strolled over to the bar and i was so happy that i was going to be able to buy a drink for the man, but just my luck it was an open bar, so i took care of the tip.

so bro, if youre reading this, i still owe you a few drinks at least.

but then i got thinking… if ev’s 20th century revolution has blessed me this much, what about his latest project, Odeo, the new way to podcast. what could that do for me? what doors might that open?

hell, instead of having to fend off these college girls because of blogging, maybe i could graduate to women who didnt need fake id’s – through podcasting.

now that im a proud owner of an automobile i play my ipod all the time through the cassette deck (yes, its an old car and it has one of those. shut up, i like it.), and since i have no attention span the only thing that i can really focus on are conversations… like on talk radio.

so prepare america, i know ive warned you that me and matt good might get a podcast show going, but now im convinced. ev’s never done me wrong and id be a fool if i didnt follow the pied piper to the next level.

which means coming soon, you’ll get to be entertained by this pajama wearing fool via your ipod or itunes.

also, not instead of.

and by soon i mean real soon.

so get ready.

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