1. Friday, August 26, 2005


    fucker called me boring.

    i told you i was boring. but you were all no way tony youre the greatest.

    i have been boring.

    i havent told you what my fingers smell like or how it happened.

    i quit smoking weed on your ass right in the middle of summer

    without any warning.

    without due cause.

    you were minding your own business and all of a sudden the bong was given to the homeless and i shut the door on the cheerleaders and hid out.

    i didnt even do anything fun like read the bible straight through.

    the naysayers neigh and that ok

    thats their little role in the game.

    when i sat in the bleachers as a kid thats what we’d say to the stars: bullshit.

    i was a good talker so id go all day.

    god damn youre fat

    you suck so bad you swallow

    jizz is only a hundred calories

    thats how much you swallow

    no wonder you bend over all day

    god damn.

    people would look at me like fuck but the cubs sucked in those days so there wasnt hardly anyone in the bleachers.

    which was nice because the players actually heard you.

    many great outfielders turned around to ask me to quiet down

    everyone wants to be looked at by someone cooler

    what else was i called… smug.

    my smugness is barfy,


    told ya i was turnin barfy

    but you were all no way man you fuckin RULE! WOOO!

    but my shit was turning barfy

    right there

    right on the beautiful internets

    some motherfucker from nowhere with eight friends even knows that the busblog had become barfy and no one said shit

    had to hear it from a dude with three question marks for a last name

    wtf is that america

    mr t was on stern and he said that sly had him really hitting him in rocky iii

    and before that in rehearsals and all.

    im not interested in using my superpowers for silly little fights with dumbshits

    who dont matter

    just to prove i can do it

    just like i dont always talk about the pussy i get,

    or how i got it


    im pretty fuckin smug. id agree.

    went to this punk rock show today and i was mighty fucking smug there.

    fourteen year old girls were there. even some thirteen year olds.

    only reason i know that is because the girl i was with went up to these girls and asked them.

    one of the girls had a pink ramones shirt on

    and i truly dont think she knew the ramones classic “do you wanna dance” was being played inbetween bands.

    she just played with her hair and fingered her cellphone.

    a cute little mosh pit broke out for about a minute into each of the faster songs

    moms bopped their heads in the back of the club,

    the key club, formerly gazarris, next to the famous rainbow room on sunset.

    great bands have played there. as in great.

    rodney on the roq walked on stage to introduce


    who looked like three tommy stinsons with sparkly suits and mohawks and innocense and a shred of talent.

    i should have stayed longer but im smug and after hearing the sex pistols, the clash, the jam, and the ramones over the PA before these kids hit the stage i was all, this sucks compared to the legends.

    but they were ok.

    a good turnout for a show whose openers started at 8pm sharp.

    maybe the busblog only had an edge because i mostly wrote it at work where i was stifled and disrespected, and now that im happy where i work i hardly want to take breaks to write and all id say is how happy i am.

    tralala and shit.

    today a bunch of us went to acapulcos for lunch

    it was fun.

    what am i again?

    barfy. right.


    i agree.

    i dont know what i have to be smug about either.

    im just a douche like

    tony hawk and tony bennett


    is that why that dude has three question marks at the end of his name

    cuz hes all fucked up after reading blogs that diss you by saying you suck as bad as tony hawk and tony bennett


    im gonna get right to working on that barfy problem that ive just been made aware of though, america.

    and canada.

    in fact, canada, leave me some questions to ask matt good the next time i podcast with him.

    all i ever wanna talk about is politics, and obviously since we agree on pretty much everything it doesnt make for the most lively dialogue.

    obviously a guy like the instapundit would be a far better podcast partner with matt, but it also might open pandoras box.

    its one of the worlds poplar bloggers, professor glenn reynolds birthday. hes 29 years young today.

    smelly danielly + kevynn malone + small island girl