often theres email that i dont have enough pics of half naked dudes

on the busblog, so there you are ladies, lap it up.

there was basically a gay fiesta at the sunset junction yesterday, which is fine with me cuz at least they know how to party.

a few things happen at those sorts of festivals, you realize your neighbors are so much cooler than you give them credit for, you see that the tattoo parlors are cleaning up (and doing great work), you discover that youre fatter and more out of shape than you ever imagined, and you witness that theres tons of gay dudes in LA – and not all that many lesbians.

i got some sunglasses for two bucks.

soon as i got there yesterday i got my hand stamped, then i bought a beer ticket and then i went to the stand and got myself a Dos Equis dark. a lot of hoops to jump through but thats our american government at work: beers legal but if you want to drink it with a bunch of leatherboys on a closed off portion of sunset blvd that charges $10 to get in, youve gotta play the little game so the kids cant get booze – as if they couldnt sneak it in! as if the hundreds of cops wouldnt see them with their 40s. as if kids have a hard time finding booze in america. as if the kids even drink nowadays anyways after Rush turned them on to Oxycontin.

got my beer and made a beeline to the chicken on a stick stand. i was nearly tempted by the hot sausages the thai food and or the gyros but the party hasnt fully started until im on my second beer and my second chicken on a stick. i dont care whose playing on what stage or what hot model is rollerskating by in a bikini top.

jack black jumped on stage with the Eagles of Death Metal as i was winding down from my heat induced pre-sunstroke. he was jumping around like crazy cuz he said it was his birthday and what a cool place to have your birthday. EODM were ok. maybe my concentration was bad cuz i just wanted a bacon wrapped dog for my walk home and the Weirdos had blown my mind.

maybe i just wanted to take a pick-axe to government because these sorts of street fairs happen almost every weekend in frisco, but here in the second largest city in america they hardly ever happen and you know its because of all the dicks you gotta suck to make it happen, and thus they pretty much only happen in westhollywood and silverlake.

unless youre the lakers and you just won a championship, but those arent really street fairs, and even though the chicken on a stick man is there, theres no soul and the only good part was watching mark madsen dance and shaq going into his goofy rap.

my new book is coming out next week and that and my new job have kept me happy today. its bizarre how happy i am to get up on a monday morning, slightly hungover for my short commute. maybe im happy cuz i know im only going to get better at what i do and im only going to make those around me happier.

and this book, its the best thing ive ever written. i cant even believe it. i dont care if anyone gets it or buys it or even likes it. i love it and i just want to put it on my shelf and love it.

i might make a super huge one just to put on my coffee table.

at first i made it so i could live off the profits, but when i discovered i didnt need that money i didnt make it. now its coming out because i love it. if it was my girlfriend id take it to the movies.

too bad courtneys in rehab cuz id send her one.

tsar plays wednesday at the house of blues in anaheim with the new york dolls. im getting my tickets today.

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