why am i in such a good mood?

i didnt have the greatest day at work today. i didnt meet a beautiful girl who wanted to end my summer shutout. i didnt get my last unemployment check in the mail yet which i will blow on consumer electronics and strippers. i didnt grow four inches last night – where it mattered.

could it be this C2? could that be the source of the euphoria? could it be the midnight tacos carne asada burrito with cheese and sour cream no onions por favor? could it be that i forgot that my house is sparkling clean? could it be that every time i check my comments people say the nicest things?

could it be that a month off the pipe has made me more suseptable to higher highs and lower lows but for some reason the lows that i had in my last job are going to be pretty tough to dive down into therefore the higher highs is all ive got coming my way?

could it be the moon. the beautiful moon. full and white and bright and close as if it was trying to say this evening hi tony hi tony hi tony hi!

could it be that im superstoked that my favorite band tsar is playing tomorrow night (friday) at one of the coolest clubs in all of hollywood if not THE coolest club johnny depps the viper room across the street from the whiskey down the street from the roxy and the rainbow and down the street from the famous tower sunset.

could it be that ive hit my second wind. could it be that big brother fucking kicked ass today could it be that being bobby brown always makes me wanna dance with somebody.

could it be that my spidey senses are tingling cuz something goods gonna come down the road in the form of a curvey coed who knows me and likes me and wants to do all the things i wanna do and some that i never knew i wanted to do. and shes got either a hottub or access to one.

could it be that this week ive been buying things and for a man who never buys things that these things are totally useful things – a new cell phone, and today a sirius car stereo with an aux jack for my ipod – and i love spending on myself once in a blue moon.

could it be that the cubbbies are winning and today they didnt lose so thats as good as a win. could it be that im going to write an email to my last gf and teller hi and teller that i misser and teller that i wanna caller and teller that i hope one day she will truly forgive me for how rotten i was to her.

could this great feeling be due to the fact that even though i didnt have the greatest day at work that i see that ive already made it through most of the initial tough parts and ive done ok. not good, but ok. i didnt majorly fuck up, and i had lots of chances to majorly fuck up.

there are several points in your career when things get really hard: at the begining when youre realizing truly what the job is and if it isnt what you like you’ll wanna quit, in the middle when you realize truly how the career path is going and if isnt what you want you’ll wanna cry and then quit, and at the end when you least expect it and youre let go over some bullshit lie but its really just a blessing from the Lord above cuz hes got something up his sleeve for your ass and it involves the coolest part of town and wearing shorts every once in a while.

maybe im happy cuz i wore shorts today.

its nice to wear shorts to work, and even though i probably wont be wearing shorts to work again it was nice wearing them today and it was nice going to best buy and talking to a black dude who turned out to be jamacian which always throws me, and having him know EXACTLY the answer to my question which was, “do you have a good car stereo with about 20 watts per channel that has a cd player that will play mp3s and an aux input for my ipod and can you make sure that it costs under $200 because thats how much i made off my ads last month and if i have ads i want them to pay for shit like this. and he said yes mon and pointed me to the jvc.

ah best buy why are you so good to me.

and yes i will get your four year warrantee because im going to wear that mother out and although i love jvc because of their bells and whistles i know that thier shit breaks all the time because of their bells and whistles and im no fool.

in fact when i used to sell stereos i used to tell people if youre shoving something into a device every day and if that device has motors that whir and rotate thousands if not millions of times a day you should get the warrantee.

dont get warrantees, i used to say, for things that are solid state like tvs or amplifiers or computer monitors.

and excuse me but now im going to dance around my clean house like joel in risky business and think about the next girl who will get to see me topless.

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