they don’t want to play the “blame game”

cause they know they will lose.

they know that its not game, it’s a way of acknowledging responsibility and accountability.

this is an administration who dragged their feet to rescue americans in america because, some say, they didn’t want to overstep their bounds

they didn’t want to appear tyrannical

they didn’t want to show up where they weren’t invited.

or was it because they didn’t want to cut their vacation short?

because when they’re not on vacation this is an administration who has no problem sticking their noses

into women’s wombs

into gay couple’s wedding plans

into sick people’s medicine cabinets

into working people’s social security plans

into the television and radio airwaves of programs listened to by adults

even into the library records of the books that americans check out.

and yet they refused to allow helicopters and boats and food and water or even sanitation workers into new orleans because they didn’t want to deal with the red tape.

they swear that they wanted to allow the state to handle its own business, but here in california we voted to let the terminally sick smoke marijuana

and somehow what the state wanted for itself didn’t matter to this administration and they fought against us, and got that vote overturned.

this administration fought to stop the votes from being counted in florida in 2000

this administration fought to stop the 9/11 commission from being bi-partisan

this administration even fought to keep a feeding tube in a brain-dead woman’s mouth

but they didn’t fight to get supplies and professionals into new orleans.

infact they cockblocked the help.

pick your battles, they tell you, and for some reason this administration chose not to use their might and influence to get aid to those people in the south and their reasoning is as dark and murky as those toxic waters.

and their excuses are as flimsy as the roof of the superdome.

the good book warns that the bad people might not get punished on earth, but their judgment day will come.

and that wont be a blame game either.

it will be a day of acknowledging responsibility and accountability.

and the most ironic thing about these people who run around who call themselves Christians, is the good book is chock full of incompetent “leaders” who ascend to the throne through nefarious means

and the misery that these fools imposed through their bungling and evil.

when the old man said repent he meant you old man

and even the mule raised up his ears.

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me: if i was president, just like if i was the Navy, i’d act first and ask questions later

scott: And we’d have a super-raging, red-hot volcanic debate over posse comitatus. Ten times worse than this petty BS finger-pointing right now. THAT would be an impeachable offense, even if BushCo manned a human chain and held the levees and saved every lost life in NOLA. Congress would be FORCED to impeach him.

+ + +

let me tell you a few things about being a leader.

a leader saves peoples lives and worries about his job later.

a leader cuts his vacation short when he sees that people of his nation are drowning and help is not in the way.

a leader is that help on the way.

the busblog definition of a leader is someone who brings the group to where they need to be.

george bush has never cared about being impeached, and the democrats dont have enough chutzpah to even try to impeach him.

he and his bros stole the election in 2000 and the dems didnt go after him. he and his bros lied about not knowing that terrorists would fly planes into buildings and the dems didnt go after him. he and his bros lied about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq and iraqs threat to america and the dems didnt go after him.

bush and his bros challenged the ideas of torture in relation to the geneva conventions and the bro who questioned it the most might be our next supreme court justice. and yes, death and torture did happen in the prisons of iraq and gitmo and the president isnt in danger of being impeached.

so this limp defense of the president’s inactions in new orleans last week that omg if he brought help or overstepped his bounds by saving lives might get him impeached is laughable to the point of being sad.

where BushCo is ruthless and selfish and hopeless and inept, the dems are pussy and silent and weak and timid and worthless.

and the losers of this slamdance of fucktards are americans and iraqis.

a real leader, a real president of the united states, whose number one concern was not his ass or his politics but his people would have flown to new orleans the day that he saw people floating in the water and brought the calvary.


everyone knows that where the president goes, the heat comes with.

new orleans needed that heat.

yes sometimes shit stops when the president is around but thats because the president is a idiot and a pussy and inept. and those who vote for him repeatedly and support him are part of the problem, if not THE problem, but this isnt about them. today is about him.

a leader doesnt eat cake while people are screaming for help. a leader doesnt play guitar as people are drowning.

especially after 9/11. especially after what’s happened to the economy and the deficit and the gas prices and the war and the budget cuts to the levees and the flood plain.

a leader says, just like he said at gitmo, what law, im going to fucking save the world, i dare you to impeach me for saving 10,000 people you fucking fucks, impeach me for saving lives and watch your party disappear.

a leader does what the group is either too afraid to do or too stuck in excuses to do. its why they say leaders rise to the top. its why they say leaders are born not made. its why they say follow the leader. its why i say mr bush is not a leader.

paris hilton is more of a leader than george bush.

i talk about the Daily Nexus a lot, my college paper. i ran for Editor-in-Chief my senior year and lost, but during the final portion we had to have an interview with the Press Council which were 5 members of various student organizations and the administration.

at one point they asked “what would you do if your staff wanted to do one thing, but you wanted to do the opposite?”

i said, “i would ask them to explain to me why they wanted to do it, and i would tell them that i would consider their idea, but if i felt that mine was better, i would lead us that way.”

they said, “but dont you respect your team, what if they wanted to quit, what if they were offended?”

and i said, “there is a reason why we only have one Editor-in-Chief. it’s not to go along with consensus, it’s not to sit at the head of the figurehead table, it’s to make the tough decisions, and sometimes the tough decisions means going against the group.”

i lost by one vote, 2-3, but i would say exactly the same thing again, because i still believe it.

the president’s job security is not more important than the lives and well being of those sufferring and dying in new orleans.

the lack of preparedness, the absense of government funding, the slow-as-molasses “resuce” effort, and the bungling of FEMA and the department of homeland security, and the horrendous lies by the president that brownie did a heck of a job and that the newspapers on tuesday said that new orleans dodged a bullet caused as many deaths as five 9/11s.

it caused as many deaths as five iraq wars.

this president has sat at the grownup table and ignored the august 2001 cia briefing that said that bin ladin was determined to strike inside the US and we had one 9/11

he attacked iraq and we lost as many US soldiers as another 9/11 and over 100,000 iraqis died.

in order to get re-elected he continued to cut taxes during wartime and part of the monies that werent collected were supposed to go to the levees and the flood plains and the result was five 9/11s.

at some point the leader takes responsibility for what happened on his watch, be it something he did directly like lead us into a false war, cut taxes for programs that would have saved lives, or played it safe and not immediately aid the devistation of one of his cities.

at some point the followers call bullshit on the leader.

this is that point.

im sick of 9/11s.

im sick of not having a leader.

im sick of this figurehead never taking responsibility for anything.

im sick of this administration only being punk rock when it has to do with denying things to gays and women and our military and political prisoners and those in disaster areas screaming out for help.

the democratic party isnt the one that impeaches presidents over bullshit. thats the other party. the democratic party doesnt impeach anyone but themselves.

the american people are the ones who need to stop acting like the democratic party and sit on thier hands and watch this government splooge on themselves as they fuck up time after time.

new orleans was a fuck up from the ground up. and at some point the president needed to say ok im taking over for a minute because i am seeing that this red tape is strangling people. impeach my ass later but now im gonna show you how its done.

but we dont have a leader in america

although we have plenty of sheep

and now we have 10,000 more dead people.

people are dead and others worry about finger pointing?

this country doesnt have enough leaders or sense and i dont have enough middle fingers.

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