people wanna know where Stiff is

and thats sweet.

Stiff is its own beast. Stiff knows know master. we all thought we finally gained control over it by naming it, then finding a cute collar to tie around its neck, then finding five more collars to yoke it in

but Stiff is nobodies bitch.

Stiff’s gonna come out when Stiff wants to come out. its like a cat under an abandonded car. you can get a towtruck if you want to drag the car outta there but the cats just gonna scoot under a house or into the woods.

ive been trying to get Stiff to come out since the summer. its the best thing ive ever done. and these covers are totally kickass.

i tried to tempt Stiff the other day by beginning to compile a new Busblog’s Greatest Hits in the style of How To Blog and Blook but it just yawned and blinked at me.

it knows its a demon from hell here to tell you a few things about a place you shouldnt know about. it knows know deadlines or timetables.

and it wanted canadian rockstar matthew good to move a few more units.

when Stiff comes out you’ll know about it,

and for those of you who dont have How To Blog it will probably also be included in a twofer special package deal where you get How To Blog at a discount because How To Blog is a dirty little ho who loves to get sold cheaper than its worth.

and there might be a tshirt or two.

and a bumper sticker.

Stiff knows its gotta eat soon so stay tuned but in the meantime thanks for asking.

in other news tomorrow is karisas last day living in hollywood and shes gonna have a big party and noone is invited except me and the laker girls.

but i will bring my camera and i will bring my podcast device and i will bring about a case of corona her favorite beer

and i will bring a bunch of questions for her so as to reminice about her time in hollywood.

where is she moving? shes moving towards the beach and away from me.

this was supposed to be the month of Libra, the good month, the month of good tidings and peace and love.

astrology seems to be a twisted and flawed jumble of nonsense and hyperbole whose sole intention is to make me look and sound like an ass.

the lack of karisa in hollywood is certain to ruin the movie industry once and for all. what you saw this summer was the disturbance in the force. whats to follow is bound to bring utter devistation.

when you pray tonight after you stumble home from your extra ciricular activities you need to say a few words to the Lord about tinsletown who is about to lose its patron saint.

its raison d’ etre

its sparkling cold coors party ball

its most shining star.

when me and karisa were bad + spo + killer kosh + brett lamb