1. Friday, September 9, 2005

    they don’t want to play the “blame game” 

    cause they know they will lose.

    they know that its not game, it’s a way of acknowledging responsibility and accountability.

    this is an administration who dragged their feet to rescue americans in america because, some say, they didn’t want to overstep their bounds

    they didn’t want to appear tyrannical

    they didn’t want to show up where they weren’t invited.

    or was it because they didn’t want to cut their vacation short?

    because when they’re not on vacation this is an administration who has no problem sticking their noses

    into women’s wombs

    into gay couple’s wedding plans

    into sick people’s medicine cabinets

    into working people’s social security plans

    into the television and radio airwaves of programs listened to by adults

    even into the library records of the books that americans check out.

    and yet they refused to allow helicopters and boats and food and water or even sanitation workers into new orleans because they didn’t want to deal with the red tape.

    they swear that they wanted to allow the state to handle its own business, but here in california we voted to let the terminally sick smoke marijuana

    and somehow what the state wanted for itself didn’t matter to this administration and they fought against us, and got that vote overturned.

    this administration fought to stop the votes from being counted in florida in 2000

    this administration fought to stop the 9/11 commission from being bi-partisan

    this administration even fought to keep a feeding tube in a brain-dead woman’s mouth

    but they didn’t fight to get supplies and professionals into new orleans.

    infact they cockblocked the help.

    pick your battles, they tell you, and for some reason this administration chose not to use their might and influence to get aid to those people in the south and their reasoning is as dark and murky as those toxic waters.

    and their excuses are as flimsy as the roof of the superdome.

    the good book warns that the bad people might not get punished on earth, but their judgment day will come.

    and that wont be a blame game either.

    it will be a day of acknowledging responsibility and accountability.

    and the most ironic thing about these people who run around who call themselves Christians, is the good book is chock full of incompetent “leaders” who ascend to the throne through nefarious means

    and the misery that these fools imposed through their bungling and evil.

    when the old man said repent he meant you old man

    and even the mule raised up his ears.

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