twelve minutes with tony

i hate mornings. i love my job but i hate the mornings because i cant write to you really. ive got 11 minutes and then i must hit the shower, shave the head, brush the teeth, and dig through my tshirt collection.

i do love the job but its amazing how when you love something all these other offers come out from nowhere. but the weird thing theres only a few other jobs that i would accept.

manager of the cubs, of course, because dusty baker might be a brotha, but he’s taken a mountain and turned it into a molehill. there was a time when we had a great pitching staff and now… fuck. i cant even think about the cubs.

i know i sounded happy yesterday but oh what a few hours can do to someone.

tomorrow im getting paid to go to a huge rock concert. i know that some of you will read what i have to say and think geeze tony theres people starving in china and youre about to bitch. and what can i do, ive gotta keep it real.

so yeah, im getting paid tomorrow to go to devore which is french for de-crap to see a rock show. heres the lineup

11:00-11:40 AM Kasabian
11:55-12:35 PM Fishbone
12:50-1:30 PM Bloc Party
1:00-1:40 PM The Bravery
1:40-2:20 PM Cake
2:25-3:05 PM Arcade Fire
3:10-3:55 PM Live
4:00-4:45 PM Garbage
4:50-5:30 PM Jet
5:35-6:20 PM Madness
6:25-7:20 PM 311
7:25-8:20 PM Beck
8:25-9:25 PM Weezer
9:30-10:30 PM Oasis

now devore was created by some asswipe who thought, hmm, i can build an outdoor ampitheatre way outside of LA and i will offer clearchannel or whoever wants to run their shows through there a fraction of what the Staples Center would charge or the Forum or the Hollywood Bowl and guess what, lots of shows end up way out there in buttfuck

ozzfest is always there, ac/dc played there last time they were in town, no doubt with blink was out there. and somehow if you play there they sign you up to a contract that says if you play there you cant play anywhere in regular LA for three months or six or something.

anyways i have great tickets to that show and press passes and i think i even get a beer and head from the laker girls or something.

but the reason that im depressed this morning is cuz last night i got home and i got a phone call from my date who said yeah, nah, i think id rather go to dinner with this one girl and then go to a party with someone else.

and some people take rejection pretty well, and i guess im one of those people. however there are a few people who when they reject me it totally destroys me. and now i dont even want to go to the damn thing because first of all its in buttfuck but secondly because now i have to go with this dudes stripper wife probably cuz she who knows the situation and is just gonna be annoying.

yes thats nothing to be depressed about, but i am.

i know i should be more pissed/bummed/angry about the fact that BushCo are destroying fucktons of 9/11 evidence and establishing Karl Rove to head up the Katrina recovery (because he’s just so damn qualified for patching up natural disasters – just look what he did with W)

but im not.

im a selfish winey dude who just wants a few things to go the way they should.

i want the right people to be nice to me, i want other people to show up places that they say they will, and i want others to just fucking choose me over these random people.

but i guess its friday and i should just be happy that i live in la and have a cool job and im finally able to sock away a few bucks, and i get to go to a concert with a stripper.

but for some reason im not.

i need to make a tshirt that says “id rather be blogging”, as fucked up as that is.

i know things will get better.

just probably not by monday.

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