theres good news and bad news

in having canadas #1 rocker matthew good having your home number.

the good news is hes a great guy and totally into all the things im into: rock, blogging, web design, politics, computers, hanggliding, etc

the bad news is when he calls you a homosexual it’s not like you can call him one back on account of his super cool knockout wife. fucker.

last night i went out on a date but i was an hour early so i did some window shopping at the famous sunset strip guitar center because im seriously considering getting a guitar in the very near future.

while i was there i was pricing gibson sg’s, my favorite guitar on account of it is angus young’s guitar.

little did i know that there would be such a wide variety of prices for beautiful guitars.

as someone who knows very little about these musical instruments other than yeah thats a flying V or yeah thats a les paul and yeah thats a rickenbacher,

the knockoffs look pretty cool. unfortunately these are musical devices and not statues, so looks shouldnt matter so much.

one thing i didnt want was an Epiphone. i knew if i bought a cheapy korean-made guitar i probably wouldnt play it as much as if i had a full blown gibson sg staring at me from across the room.

seriously who can resist picking up a sweet ass american made axe when its sitting in a corner?

so the guitar dude at the guitar center saw me cheaping out and picking up the $200 knock-offs and he said, you know if you buy a $1,000 real guitar, in 5 years it will hold its value, and in 10 years it actually might be worth more money, which didnt make sense to me until i talked with mr. good who agreed.

in fact he took it one step further and suggested that i consider older guitars whose value was already on the upswing and whose tone would be even better than these newfangled doohickeys.

plus if i invested that much freaking money on a fiddle – more than i even spent on my car – i damn well would be inspired to learn how to play the frickin thing.

so now im thinking about getting two guitars. one that will tempt me from the shadows and will sound good and will increase in value as the sands slip through the hourglass, and one that i can put stickers on and shred on and ding on the corners of my apartment as i walk around noodling on it in the wee hours after drinking with college girls.

but what i truly need to do is call up my bro greg vaine who is an expert in these situations and who shares my love of ac/dc and therefore gibson sgs.

as for the date… eh.

i think 22 might be too old for me, we werent jibing.

or maybe matts right to assume that i heart penis. if he saw this chick he would have certainly called me elton john for not banging her.

maybe im just getting olderly.

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