people are knocking Lost

which they really shouldnt because its not like theres much else better on television

and you really shouldnt disuade the networks from making quality cough FREE tv for your ungrateful asses.

and even though i would love to write about Lost the night that it airs, i realize that we live in a Tivo Nation and not everyone can see the show when its beamed across the friendly skies and not everyone is glued to the set exactly when you and i are, so since it comes on tomorrow i figure that today would be a good day to recap for a quickie little minute.

first of all during Lost’s season finale they had the weird white people kidnap the black child. sorta a Bill Bennett move months before the actual utterence of the republican. no word yet if crime has gone down on the island because of it.

then you have adebisi being just as freaky and scary as he was in Oz, and you have my girlfriend michelle rodriguez and peg bundy as newcommers to the show – as if they needed any fresh blood, but they do add to the story.

now for the annoying stuff: i dont mind that the first two episodes were basically re-tellings of the inside of the hatch incident. ive got time. i dont need something super new happening each moment and the hatch is new and interesting so why not.

plus in the second episode we got to see my brotha and the whiteboy on those goofy rafts fighting and dripping blood into the sea as sharks were banging their noses underneath them. you got a problem with that? i dont.

back in the hatch we have the aussie diddling around with the Apple II. typing in the crazy numbers trying to keep the clock back at 108 – which was my age when i started the busblog, fyi – because he didnt want the world to explode.

this is the only problem that i have with the plot thus far.

if he’s afraid the world will explode, why is he running away from the bunker? i realize hes probably more than a little twisted after spending that much time, alone, listening to mama cass records, and not having any junk food to munch on, but for a survivalist he must know that he’s safer in that bunker than out of it.

especially with the polar bears and spirits and dinosaurs running around out there.

and who let the fat guy into the pantry?

similarily im bummed that the korean guy is gonna start speaking english. unless he got some sort of locke transformation via the island, i dont want to know that he’s known english this whole time.

i hope that as soon as he starts talking a dinosaur bites his head off.

i also want people to dip into the heroin stash and start having orgies.

isnt that what you do when youre about to die?

with that said i loved the training film that locke and the doc watched. i loved how they failed at making it seem old. it was scary and i like it when broadcast tv is scary, and unlike howard stern i refuse to believe that the island was a nazi experiment gone wrong.

the nazis never made it to asia.

me, if i was on that island i would hang out with the fat guy. not only is he lucky but hes funny.

although he looks like he reeks like a mother.

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theres nothing better than

to be able to tip your hat to a cheering crowd.

its what seperates us from apes.

although my current workplace is filled with over a dozen lovely ladies, theyre all caught up in this Angel fever and they know im a Cub fan and have asked me who i will be pulling for during the American League championship which starts today on the south side of Chicago.

and i know that i might negatively impact some of my book sales for saying what i am about to say but true fans of the busblog know that i always keep it real, so perhaps they’ll understand.

As a Cubs fan theres no way I can root for the White Sox unless they were playing the Yankees, or the Padres, or the Cardinals. And even then it would be tough and i would probably be secretly hoping for a natural disaster to break out in the stands.

it’s tough though because its not like im crazy about the American League in general.

and it’s not like the angels are all that beloved in Hollywood unless your name rhymes with Platt Scmelch.

the new owner of the Angels tried to bum rush the name Los Angeles when his team is clearly in Anaheim.

Los Angeles county is one of the largest counties in all of the United States (if not THE largest county – one of you brainacs will do some factchecking for my ass) and Anaheim is plainly in Orange County – yes the OC.

it’s about a mile away from Disneyland. it’s on one of the former orange groves. it’s the motherfucking 714 for crying out loud!

they have as much business calling themselves the Los Angeles Angels as they do calling themselves the Chicago Angeles.

and another thing, anyone who knows the first thing about spanish knows that The Los Angeles Angels translates to

The The Angels Angels.

other than Stuttering John, who the fuck wants to root for the the angels angels of anaheim?

and Fox is no better, they play this crap up. they call them the Los Angeles Angels, and in the graphics they even say LAA like little kissasses, which is funny because me and basart were over at welch’s house on sunday and basart noticed that FOX totally grammared bad:

on the graphic is said “LAA leads series 2-1”.

because he’s a nerd (aka gay) he was all, “it should read ‘LAA lead series 2-1’ because it really says Los Angeles Angels lead…”

regardless i fucking hate the white sox. im glad steve dahl blew up comiskey, im glad harry caray and nancy faust defected to the northside, im glad that bill veeck spent way more afternoons in the bleachers at wrigley after he sold the team,

and im glad they have to face the best team in baseball because even without rest the angels are going to send em packing.

however i do love the Sox manager, ozzie guillen and i hope the Cubs can somehow lure him away.

and their centerfielder podsednik too.

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the history of blooks

by tony pierce by tony pierce

yesterday i got about a dozen emails asking me if i invented the word “blook” because a contest was announced yesterday devoted to the best “blook” of the year or something.

firstly, no, i did not invent the word “blook”, that was created by mr. Jeff Jarvis of the Buzzmachine in August of 2002 during a contest that i was holding to name my first book based on my blog posts.

the cover of that book is to the left.

in fact in December of 2002 i died and met kurt cobain and it delayed the release of the original blook, which is documented in this story, which incidentally appears in my latest blook, Stiff, which just happened to be released yesterday.

but i digress.

yes, im aware that Wikipedia claims that others have popularized the term “blook” way back in September of 2005, but one reason i have the disclaimer that i have on this blog is to remind people that as great as the web is, its often flawed, if not completely full of shit.

for example, when i was on the Live from the Blogosphere panel (in 8/2003), you can plainly see in my bio it mentioned my (then-)recently published blook,

before that you can read in Buzzmachine that mr. jarvis received his Blook before Christmas of 2002,

infact, even the guy who wikipedia claims popularized the term gave props to jeff and i in a post this year.

although for some reason he fails to mention that i wrote the first blook,

and the second blook Blook II – which ended up being the How To Blog

and now, yesterday, i released my third blook, Stiff.

unfortunately i didnt make any of them through Lulu Press which is hosting the blook contest, i made the first one at a copyshop – which is why it looks like a college reader, and i made the other two at CafePress, who do beautiful work, as anyone who received How To Blog can attest.

which isnt to slight Lulu, but hell, how can you hold the Blooker Prize and not know, hello, the busblog started this gangsta shit.

will i submit Stiff to the contest?


the older ive gotten the more im aware of politics and if the Lulu people dont give me the award then the naysayers will complain that it was cuz it was a Cafepress blook written by the guy who made the first blook and if had been a Lulu blook blah blah blah

and if i win haters will say oh theyre just apologizing for stealing the name without proper props and there will be drama and blah blah blah.

which isnt to say id refuse a lifetime acheivement award :)

if you put Blook into Google the people are all over it. their marketing machine is tremendous, so good for them.

the fact that in his explaination of how blook was coined, the hackoff dude sorta blurs the story about jeff inventing it and oh yeah pierce sorta wrote a book called blook but these little kids also had a webpage called blook – helps keeps the story fuzzy. which is fine. he’s got blooks to sell and he’s serious about selling them.

me, i just write em.

if people buy them they buy them. yes i’d like to sell 666 before the year is over but thats just a little goal since my how to blog sold 500 and i think this one is better cuz its a real story and i included my favorite poems as a bonus.

do i care about winning awards? not really.

it was nice winning a Bloggie last year for How To Blog at sxsw because my bros from blogger/google were there and matt from metafilter was there and the lovely sk smith was there, but i didnt put the Bloggie winner button on the busblog, i dont have any lame bio where i list it on any set of accomplishments, it was nice for the moment and then its time to do something else.

plus i want people to like this blog because of what they read in the posts, not because others have praised it. you can give maroon 5 and coldplay all the grammys in the world and they’ll still suck.

the idea of blogs and therefore blooks, which Lulu is right, are books made from blog posts, is to kick ass every day and do new things and communicate in an interesting manner. its not to win awards or make a shitton of money or sell out to a particular political party. its to write from the heart, and in my mind, to inspire others to write from their heart.

so yes i know ive influenced others.

that was always the point.

wKen also recieved a blook before Christmas 2002 + buggydoo + bonjour quebec