nolan ryan

nolan ryan
nolan ryan had this guy twenty-six
running straight at him
nolan’s forty-six
the guy was mad cuz
hit em with the ball
and when the guy got at
nolan nolan put him in a headlock
and said
now im gonna hit you with my
then nolan got the next 13
of 14
batters out.
i really miss you jeanine
satan and the lord put job thru a lot
satan said if job had everything
taken from him he wouldnt love
you God why should he
God said fifty bucks says he won’t crack
God and satan make bets on me how
i’ll start writing
sad poems again
n just get sadder
but nolan proved sometimes
you cant lose.
for even
hates poems about baseball.

from Stiff, available now
$19 unsigned
$25 + $1 shipping, signed

signed by tony pierce, not nolan ryan, perhaps marc brown, but not the ryan xpress

Tsar on Jonesy’s Jukebox, today Wednesday at noon pacific on 103.1 FM

no matter what you do

or who you are or what your blog is like, you will always have whispers in your head that youre doing something wrong.

if you dont have any readers the whispers will say shit like this is why you have no readers

if you have readers the whispers will say shit like if you do that or if you keep doing that you’ll piss off and/or lose your readers

rarely do the whispers ever say anything positive like, no tone, your dick is actually the perfect size

or dude just keep doing whatever you want to do, the busblog will just keep rolling into new territory and thats a good thing.

right now the whispers are telling me that if i write about Stiff or Buzznet too much that the readers will get turned off and bored and think that this thing is just a self promoting tool to make money

the whispers say this despite the fact that nobody has written me an email to that point or left a comment to that point, in fact just a few days ago lots of people came to the Buzznet office to talk about Buzznet AND buy Stiff

which is why i stand by my belief that the negative anonymous commentors in my head are manifestations of the Devil and should be ignored.

whats really interesting is Finally i have permission to write about my workplace and it’s a company that can benefit every single blogger – and non-bloggers – and its free so why shouldnt i write about it?

and yet i hesitate. which is dumb, i know, but there you go – im writing about my fears and thats part of blogging and when it comes out so quickly it must be true so there you have it.

because im always stoked when people actually listen to me and take me up on my offers, i will start featuring busblog readers who become Buzznet users. this morning’s picture above comes from Ryan, the pretzel dude who i met in nyc at the blogon dealie.

and the picture to the right is of smelly danielly who was also kind enough to share her pics with us.

one of the duties that im responsible for at Buzznet is to assign Feature pictures which wind up on the main splash page and in the featured picture group. ive gotta say its one of the best parts of the job

next to blogging once a day at the Buzz Blog

and figuring out fun new ways to make Buzznet a real community.

i just got off the phone with Jenny Good and it looks like we’re going to have a pre-Matt Good concert Vancouver meet-up in a nice lounge near where he’s going to play. she also said that i would have full access to backstage, under the stage, above the stage, and in their home to take as many pics as my heart desires.

im a little nervous because my camera is acting up, however ive socked away some money and put it into Sirius stock and i dont want to pull it out until after howard moves over to eh eh eh and watch it jump, so i may have to do a little something to raise some cash.

or i could just ask you to buy Stiff, but then i hear those whispers and i feel like shit.

last night i drove over to the Pantry and came home with some chicken fried steak mashed potatoes and peas and watched al franken play kay bailey huttchenson bash bill clinton a few years ago about perjury saying that telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth was the lynch pin of our justice system

and then he played her this sunday on meet the press talk about how she hopes that rove and cheney dont get in trouble for trifles like perjury because the prosecutor couldnt get any real charges on the initial investigation

and i was all, omg

but then al looked right in the camera and called her a laundry list of foul insulting and perfectly accurate names as the show ended and the screen faded to black but left out partisan

which is what this is all about, deep down.

because if you believe that telling the truth to investigators and prosecutors is the lynch pin of american justice then it doesnt matter who it is who bastardizes that, if you think they should be punished then they should be punished. but if you change your mind a few years later because its Bush’s Brain and the Republican Vice President, then not only are you being just as dishonest but people should start thinking that maybe you voted to impeach Clinton solely because he was a Democrat.

therefore partisanship was the rule of law and not morality or… law.

either way i hope she slips in the shower tonight because the american people deserve better.

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