so the unqualified president nominated an unqualified candidate

for the supreme court? are you all that surprised?

this is a guy who clearly believes that anyone can sit at any table and do a crap job and everything will be ok.

he still thinks Brownie did a heck of a job.

he still thinks theres a link between iraq and 9/11.

he still thinks that tax cuts are a good idea during wartime.

and who can blame him for thinking these thoughts? america re-elected him, nobody’s tried to shoot him,

nobody goes on national tv and says he doesnt like black people – who matter.

so of course he thinks that someone who’s never been a judge would be perfectly ok as a justice – he just nominated a guy to be cheif justice who’s never been a supreme

– and it went through!

many a time i’ve woken up with a ridiculously hot babe laying next to me and ive thought to myself, how on earth did i get in this unreal situation that i clearly dont deserve?

after years of that i realized that yes i didnt deserve it, but as it continued to happen it wasnt like i was gonna change anything and stop the flow.

keep on keeping on was my mantra.

bushie is just doing the same thing. hes spreading the wealth of unworthiness.

as any good buddhist would do.

pay it forward and all that.

plus she clears brush with him, so maybe shes qualified after all

since the supreme court spends a lot of its time gardening, and junk.

no seriously im happy for the woman, shes hot, shes unqualified, she’s supported both W and gore,

and best of all she makes the republicans sweat.

either theyre pulling the greatest rope-a-dope since Ali in claiming that they dont want her,

or shes omg open-minded.

clearly the last thing the republicans want on the bench.

no matter what people say about this administration, it certainly hasnt been boring.

heck of a job bushie.

if she doesnt make it through, perhaps he’d consider sigfried or roy.

kitty bukkake + mc brown + reverse vampyr + flagrant at the la county fair