1. Thursday, November 10, 2005

    i never go out to see comedy. 

    hell, i never go out.

    only reason i took the job with Buzznet was because i knew itd get me out of the damn house and id quit being a lazy bastard.

    i also never advertise many things in this, the fat part of the busblog.

    but this weekend i will drive the three miles down santa monica blvd and venture down the street from the famed Hollywood Memorial Cemetery to finally meet, and then see, the comedy stylings of Mr. DC Pierson and his troupe from NYC: The Wicked, Wicked, Hammerkatz.

    i dont know anything about these people, i dont want to know anything about these people, all i know is i have enjoyed DC’s blog, ham fisted theatrics for what, three years now, and he’s a friend of Alecia’s and i even think madpony kristin had a little crush on him back in the day, which is close to the goodhousekeeping seal of approval or some shit.

    and afterwards i plan on going to the del taco where all the transvestite hookers hang out, as popularized by the famous weezer tune hashpipe.

    if you too would like to see what all the hubbub is about the show is at 10pm on Friday and Saturday, it’s either $8 or $10, i forget.

    heres a map to the Lillian Theatre.

    the address is: 1076 Lillian Way, in Hollywood

    the Hammerkatz web page is here

    this weekend’s shows are part of The LA Fest of Sketch Comedy which runs every night through the 13th.

    and if it sucks i have a bag of rotting tomatoes and im going to be aiming at the lanky dude with the hair in his eyes. and then i will have a fish taco with the heshes. and fries.

    heres what people who have actually seen the troupe think of DC’s posse

    “Hammerzatz is a heavily armed troupe that continously knocks audiences on their asses with original material.”-Matt Zaller, National Lampoon Networks

    “Best Sketch Comedy Troupe”-Emerging Comics of New York Awards 2005
    “Best Director” (AJ Morales)-Emerging Comics of New York Awards 2005
    THE CHOSEN ONE-1st Place Heeb Magazine’s Comedy Competition 2005
    “Critic’s Pick”-Time Out New York
    “Winner”-Dirtest Sketch in NYC Contest 2004

    so there you have it – 1st Place in Heeb

    so thats what im going to do on my first real weekend in years. im gonna go out of the house. and if that bastard doesnt make it worth my while you’ll read about it here. thats for sure.