1. Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    got lost right before the border 

    an> cuz i had to get rid of my canadian money
    then when i got to the border they wanted to do a “random” search of my car
    so i had to park, get out of the car, enter their building answer questions
    and then let them go through my entire car
    while i was in there i saw that of the people who had been asked
    to submit to this random search, no one was white, no one.
    then they came back and asked me again where i was going
    and why i had been in canada and why i was driving all the way up there
    from hollywood california and i said because i love to drive
    and they gave me my keys back and i was back on the road.
    im about an hour outside of portland now and its raining a little
    and im in the parking lot of a restaurant called
    kit carson
    that advertises a coffee shope AND a cantina room
    but i aint got time for that mess,
    ive got a lot of miles afore me and for some reason im not sleepy
    even though i havent really gotten a lot of sleep lately
    but they just played the entire 1975 LA Roxy Springsteen show
    on the Springsteen channel on sirius
    which was good cuz my ipod seems to be acting up.
    and the new INXS cd is stuck in the cd player of the radio
    which sux cuz matt gave me his greatest hits
    but at least i have sirius and the classic country station
    and of course talk radio
    and if things get really dull i could pick up a wet hitchhiker
    i suppose.
    and when he or she asks me my name i will say
    raymi le minx.
    pix later
    this hijacked wifi isnt letting me upload pix