last night i had the pleasure of having dinner with lots of my friends

to honor the arrival of mr henry copeland of blogads here in hollywood.

there was mr matt welch, his lovely wife and fashion model emmanuelle, there was bonnie and charlie and lil bea, there was the host of this blog mr oswald j mcgillicuddy, science blog ben sullivan was in the hizzy, as was my boss mc marc brown.

we ate at a restaurant whose name escapes me but it once was called the Crest and then Good and now its called something else.

whats fun about this place now is that they had a special called “mystery beer” for $2 a bottle.

even though i’m a fairly experimental man in regards to booze for some reason i didnt want any damn mystery beer, as my supposition was it would probably be a pint of some random fucked up homebrew bullshit created by some dumbass college kid in his mommas basement.

but it turned out that it just meant that they would give you a bottle of a random beer of their choosing.

so when six of us ordered six mystery beers, they came out with six different bottles and we all chose which we’d like.

and to be honest, to me, all beer tastes the same so i didnt give a fuck.

anyways we drank, we ate, we chatted, we caught up, we kissed lil bea’s sweet lil cheek and we took turns thanking henry for not just creating blog ads which have paid most or part of our rents, but for being a swell guy personally and professionally.

there are many reasons to like mr henry copeland but one of the reasons its fun to talk with him is cuz he truly knows the internet, he truly knows bloggers and blogging, and he truly knows about business and advertising.

so in a matter of 5 minutes we could throw out 20 bloggers and what theyre doing and what theyre writing about and who theyre linking to and talking about and what theyre not talking about and henry is right there with you. i swear in one minute we bounced from the instapundit to lgf to ann althouse to moxie to annika to raymi to bunny mcintosh to madpony to jason toney to the science blog and henry knew em all and had interesting things to say about each of them.

focusing on the fact that when madpony and i met at sxsw he could feel the sparks fly and the love in the air and thought that she and i would be together forever.

sadly life isnt fair, but fortunately life isnt fair and even though all the young bucks and future millionaires wanted to hang out with miss oklahoma, she had driven eight hours to see me and hang with me.

for some reason i had repressed that part of the visit since it was so heartbreaking but thanks henry, you pointed out the nice portion of it.

he also clued me into some of the interesting parts of pajamas media, off the record, and what was so funny was he phrased some of it by saying please dont blog about this, which is interesting since i dont usually blog about other peoples business. especially their personal or financial biz since its really not any of my business, but im glad that he said things like that because when youre at a table of journalists and bloggers its probably a good idea every now and then in between mystery beers to remind people that everythings off the record.

professionalism, due dilligence, politeness. i love my friends and i love the people who they know, and if you pay any attention to the santa barbara mafia, and the 14 years that we’ve all been together, you wont see many flareups among us. which i think is rare.

anyways because we’re nerds, afterwards on the cold street, mc brown and i brainstormed for 45 minutes in the wind about how to make buzznet better.

but something that i forgot to ask my friends was what should i do with my mattress and box spring.

let me explain.

my best friend christine rene is about to go to africa to volunteer for the peace corps. she leaves LA tomorrow to go home for a few months to prepare. she is giving me her $1,000 mattress and box spring which ive had the pleasure of experiencing and its un-be-lievable. although it may have been the company.

however, when she and i split up four years ago i was forced to get a new mattress and box spring for a few hundred bucks. an unemployed bachelors super firm mattress and box spring which over the years ive broken in in ways that id have never expected.

the ladies… the miracles… the history… the memories… that that mattress has been part of makes it difficult to just sell for $50 on craigslist like some dumb old lamp or donate to Goodwill like some stupid sweater.

if this were isla vista id give it a proper burial in a dumpster with the aid of some gasoline and a blowtorch.

but this is hollywood and they frown upon such rituals.

so perhaps you, dear reader, can provide some advice as to what i can do with my bedding, which has been my secret good luck charm these years, and has been broken in perfectly.

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