sometimes people get the wrong idea about me

they’ll read something that i write the wrong way or they’ll hear something that i didnt mean and they’ll get the false impression that im cocky or have a big head or think im the shit.

i know im not the shit.

people who ride motorcycles are the shit.

and people who can fly off their motorcycles while jumping over entire rows of busses… well… i know im not someone like that.

last year at this time i was riding the damn bus so how big of a head could i have?

i ate a salad yesterday with karisa.

being away from the look-look girls ive scooted away from a healthy diet.

so yesterday karisa and i ate at the sf saloon on pico and i had an oriental chicken salad of some sort and karisa had the chicken pita.

karisa insisted on anchor steam since it was on tap.

i hadnt seen her since the troubador tsar show but that was in the dark so i wasnt able to report back to you how shes holding up

and i guess shes holding up.

she just got a new job that shes gonna start next week and its about 4 miles from buzznet so it looks like we’ll have lunch a bit more often than never.

she said she liked my scruffy halfbeard, particularily the gray hairs poking through.

im a thousand years old i reminded her.

and i didnt tell her that there was a terrible rumor circulating the internets saying that the new york yankees were interested in possibly signing nomar garciapara

and putting him at first base.

thus having an infield of all the best shortstops of the nineties – nomar, arod, and jeter.

and i forgot to tell her that steve dahl podcasts his shows now.

the original howard stern.

howard who was on the daily show last night and was pretty great.

if i was just paid a half billion dollars to have a radio show for five years i think my confidence would improve.

a little.

and i wouldnt be eating salads at the sf saloon.

id be eating salads at my malibu beach house served by my topless waitstaff of future raiderettes.

yesterday was erin’s birthday + today is koganuts’s birthday + the pants