tsar contest

win free tickets to tomorrow night’s show at Spaceland!

the best band in rock returns to their old stomping grounds, spaceland, formerly dreams in silverlake california.

as you can see from the flashing advert on the left hand side there, Tsar is one of the Class of ’05 featured LA bands per the LA Weekly.

and as you probably know, i have a pretty sweet relationship with the Weekly and Tsar so i have a pair of tickets for you to witness the rock tomorrow night.

we’ve had contests here before and usually we’ve had a little more heads-up time to figure out something to make you do – hoops to jump through – to get tickets, but since i just was offered to give away these tix yesterday heres what ive come up with

tsar loves haiku

tony loves haiku

baby Jesus loves haiku

from what i understand even Britney Spears (not pictured) whose 24th birthday is today loves haiku.

so the person who delivers the best Tsar-related haiku wins the duckets.

the boys have been traveling around Canada opening for Juliette Lewis and the Licks rocking nearly every night, and you can imagine how strong their chops are now. meaning, if you want your rock and roll ass kicked, tomorrow night is the show to go to.

if you live in LA and have never been blessed with this baptism of fire, i seriously cannot think of a better venue or time than spaceland tomorrow.

but heres some tips:

get close.

stand in the middle.

and if you really want to prepare properly, pick up Band Girls Money and listen to the first 7 songs – which is the heart of their playlist, currently.

Spaceland is a great place but the sound varies GREATLY depending on if youre near the bar or in the line of fire.

be in the line of fire.

you only live once my friends so my advice is LIVE.

the lucky haiku writer will have their name on the LA Weekly guest list so bring a valid ID. 21 yrs old and older.

and if you wanna hunt me down and buy me a pabst or a shot, i think that can be arranged.

i’ll be the knucklehead in the front row with the camera strapped around his neck like a dillweed.

good luck bashos!