this morning i picked up my breakfast

in the jack in the box drive through and curled around to the back and paused there as i collected my things.

and i tried to start the car up and it wouldnt turn over so i got out and lifted the hood and saw that those slippery battery cables were loose again.

and right before i lifted my foot to stomp the cables down, out of the corner of my eye i noticed two young latin dudes one with a bright crimson and mustard usc football jersey

and since today is the rosebowl game, i thought, oh thats nice, la isnt usually known for its outward gestures to the sports teams, so its nice to see a little love on game day.

and then i mashed the cables into place and slammed the hood i looked at his jersey again as he walked to his car and saw that, yes, indeed it was a 32 oj simpson jersey!

dude, who ever you are, you win for the day.


yesterdays man of the day was mr david letterman who shook bill o’reilly around verbally on the late show last night.

dave wasnt as harsh on the host of the factor as phil donahue was earlier this year, but he did conclude with the blunt statement that he felt that o’reilly is mostly full of shit.

but to really be shocked, take a look at these people who are convinced that o’reilly schooled dave!

notice the lack of hypocracy they feel as they argue that letterman treated his guest unfairly or unkindly… the guest being the king of “shut up”.

and watch how they attack cindy sheehan.

maybe i will do a review of 2005 so maybe i can figure out how it could be the first year where millions of people turned their back on a greiving mother of a fallen son so that they could instead support the president in his phony war about weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

two thousand and five.

i remember being a little kid thinking about what life would be like in 2000.

never would i think that a mother would be attacked simply because she wants peace.

in a hundred years people will think that this story was made up

well johnny once there was a woman who was cursed at because after her son died in war she became passionate about being anti war.

they said no way does she really believe those things, shes being co-opted by socialists and hippies and fat movie directors, no way in hell is her point of view reasonable or believable.

and johnny will ask, you mean president sheehan?

and johnnys mom will say, before she was president, she will earn the anna as the busblog woman of the year for 2005.

sadly i have no photos of ms sheehan, so model actress caprice will have to work as a placeholder.

amy + anti + jmo + birthday

the sun is shining,

my burrito is giving me heartburn, but all is good in the hood because the First Annual Buzzblog Death Pool is on the air.

my official title at Buzznet is Community Manager, and what a better way to bring the community together than through death?

and since the Gorilla Mask seems to have dropped the ball in regards to the Death Pool, i have taken it upon myself to carry the torch.

so what i have done, quite cleverly if i do say so myself, is utilized four different parts of Buzznet to orchestrate this particular Death Pool.

what you do first if youre a Buzznet user (if youre not a user, the very first thing you do is sign up – it takes about 30 seconds) is write your list into your journal and before you hit Save make sure to use the buzzword “death pool 2006”.

then you number your likely suspects from 1-10.

#10 is the person who you think is most likely to kick it.

if that person dies in 2006 you get 10 points, etc

then you find pictures of these 10 people and post them on your picture page.

then you put a comment on the Buzzblog post ( with your list of 10 – this prevents cheating since you cannot edit your comments.

then you get on your knees and pray for death!

just kidding.


heres my list

10. Dick Cheney
9. Gerald Ford
8. Abe Vigoda
7. The Queen of England
6. Mickey Rooney
5. Michael Jackson
4. Elizabeth Taylor
3. Les Paul
2. Dick Clark
1. Tom Delay

there will be a winner and that winner will get a prize.