1. Sunday, January 15, 2006

    the good thing about being a single man 

    is when trouble strikes, or bad news, or tragedy hits, or the bears lose you can shut the drapes, crack open some cuban, light a fire, and just chill.

    it was windy today and my directv didnt want to come in clear. i was nervous beforehand so i drove and drove an i was across the street from canters at kickoff with the radio on but not the game.

    i should have just driven to the beach and watched the water go in and go out and go in and go out she would recommend right now or sex but i dont think these young girls realize that when a man has had sex as long as a college graduate with a degree in poetry has, oftentimes his mind wanders while in the act and i know i would have been thinking about the running game

    or the suddenly impotent defense

    or the punter

    who will die tonight

    or the fact that nobody seemed interested in covering their best wide receiver.

    lets just talk about it shed say and put her hand down my dark side of the moon pajama bottoms and id say i dont wanna talk about it

    lets not talk about it the otherd say and flash me with her free hand while stirring the spaghetti and id say i cant stop thinking about it.

    i couldnt log onto blogger for the last few days. my phone wouldnt stop ringing. my email was getting full. all the things i didnt want to happen happened and i still tried to control destiny but i couldnt.

    its obvious i need a television in my bedroom.

    and an airsign girlfriend who doesnt speak english

    and doesnt want to learn.

    whose skin will break out if she wears anything but lingerie

    and refuses to have break outs.

    and i need tomorrow off but i have to see my new lawyer.

    brad pitt looks the way i feel which is: werent things supposed to be radically different?

    and when white boys wear their hat backwards, its an s.o.s. to the world

    just like when youre worldtraveling and you slip on a new york city tshirt

    or when youre with the hottest chick on the crust and you cant crack a smile

    or when youre with the hottest chick and you dont toucher

    and your pants arent ripped at the knees from gettin her in the van when everyones sleeping

    sometimes you just have a bad feeling deep inside and its best to just let it come right up and spew out

    and whoever let that st. louis jagoff joe buck do the play by play for the most important game by a chicago football team in twenty years deserves all the curses written herein.

    new brooke & burger king pics + cool art + that miss grace