pantasaurus rex

aka the pants

aka hot chick in tacoma aka karaoke girl with blue eyes and pale skin and everything

who asked if i could pull over while i was driving

so she could unload some of those rums wed been drinking

and i held her hair

or was it her skirt

yeah her, she wants me to write a poem for her today

on valentines day.

and how can you write something so special for a special girl

one who has replacements cds and coasters and green walls

and unusual angles in her ceiling and

the same exact ipod clock radio that i have

and the absolute exact same feeling about rock music that i do

which is loud fast topless hard harder endless

but baby im no good at writing love poems for college girls


or lust poems or list poems or last poems or lick poems

im an old man in a closet typing on a keyboard held up by angels disguised as virgins

what do i know about generation y and your facebook ways

from what i read on the wire you kids consider bjs handshakes and i can get behind that but rarely do i fall in love with someone after they give me a handshake im a man from a different time

long legs thatve never been tanned

blue eyes and red lisptick and if youre lucky enough to get close to her hair when she leans over to hear what youre saying in the loud club you can get a whiff of her hair dye and you’ll almost die cuz youre that old.

so old the earth doesnt bother spinning when you start drinking because it knows thats not going to do anything to you so drive on big river drive on

pantasaurus sex i hope you go down to that tea cup and find yourself a man who will karaoke your ass tonight and all the way home

a tune from your generation and not iggy like me

and prettier than me and with enough courage to take you places that you deserve

like dennys in the morning, or roscoes or mels

or wherever cool chicks love to dwell.

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