two quick questions before i see Rocket

at ameoba

both from a faker named Rufus

1. Tony, it’s very disappointing that you would refer to Brooke Burke as a “piece of ass.” Not that she isn’t, but a cool man of your character would not need to reduce her to those terms. You love women, as do I–don’t you see this?


dont lie. why must you lie in the holy grounds of the busblog comments? you lie when you say youre disappointed, you lie when you say your email address is, you lie with your fake blog address, you lie when i called Brooke a “piece of ass”.

clearly i called her a peice of ass. i cant spell nor do i care to. so if you are going to quote me with quotation marks quote properly.

now to the point, faker, liar, fraud…

Brooke Burke is a peice of ass, and a piece of ass. you wouldnt know because you didnt work with her for nearly four years, but i did. and i can tell you from one man to another that Brooke Burke is a peice of ass.

yes shes talented, yes shes smart, yes shes saavvy, yes she has a killer voice and shes hung in there after knocking out two kids, but shes also a hot peice of hot ass.

now if you want to pretend Rufus that youre not a pig deep down or that we’re not bros and we cant talk to each other on the bro-level then fine, and fuck you, i wouldnt want to talk to you. one reason people like, strike that, love the busblog is that we keep it real here.

real names
real email addys
real blog urls

and real thoughts. now blow me and click off to some bullshit PC fakeout blog if you dont like it here.

2. Tony, a question I would really like to see you address: don’t you think you are comprosing blogger ethics by accepting this trip to Holland? I mean, it’s very clear that they want favorable coverage in exchange for plane+hotel bills. You’re abiding them in their quest….Isn’t this what Congressman do all the time for their lobbyists, and what we denounce them for?

I await your response.

Not only am i not comprosing blogger ethics by accepting this trip to Holland but im not compromising it either.

infact if i do this right i will be paving the way for more bloggers to go on similar excursions.

im not sure how well versed you are in the arrangement that me and the other 24 bloggers have set up with aka the Dutch government, and not that its any of your business, and its not that bloggers have any blanket ethics anyways, particularily blogs badass enough to remind people that “nothing in here is true”

and by “here” of course i mean the Internet

but basically, yes, is flying us to Amsterdam for free and putting us up in a Five Star hotel and giving us a bicycle and some passes to museums, etc

in exchange for that they get a month-long ad on our blogs and a button that is to stay up for one year.

now i dont know about your blog but on this one a month long ad goes for $302. the taxable price of the airplane ticket and the hotel, etc, is roughly $1k, so the question is is a yearly-long link to worth $698?

i think so.

therefore if i never write a word about my trip, about Holland, or about Amsterdam then we’re even.

which is probably why the agreement says that I dont have to write a word about shit in regards to Amsterdam.

now… would they like a good review? sure, and im sure you would like not to come across as a cocksucking asswipe, but sometimes shit gets fucked.

i have written this blog for close to five years. i have posted 3,779 blog posts. that would be like posting once a day, every day, for ten years.

i would not have the hits i have, i would not have the fans i have, i would not have the hotties writing my name on their bodies if i was as full of shit as you are, which is why chose me and not you

because if tony pierce says that amsterdam was the shit, then it was the shit and you can count on it.

so no, i think that in no way are my ethics or bloggers’ eithics are compromised in any way by me taking a trip instead of cash to let the good people of advertise on my humble blog

infact i thank them.