1. Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    exclusive interview with raymi the minxi 

    as she makes supper for her man who is going to arrive home any second.

    raymi: tony how come i am not a millionaire yet is it because i am not lindsay lohan

    me: its because life isnt fair
    but money is the root of evil, stay away from it
    just keep having sex with fil and karaoking and blogging
    thats way more fun
    so im told

    raymi: ok but i could be singing int oa golden microphone and having siberian tigers at my parties in cages

    me: i’ll give you a golden shower on christmas

    raymi: ew

    me: and you dont want tigers, they bite
    i mean microphone

    raymi: also it’s cruel

    me: get midgets and cheerleaders

    raymi: but you know what i mean diddy is biting my styles i gots ta get paid yo!

    me: pure respect dont pay dem ends?
    i have a great book for you, but you have to promise to read it

    raymi: it better not be gay
    ok interview me now 5 minute interview
    or call me podcast now!

    me: your gf bunny mc has my podcaster

    raymi: she is not my gf

    me: 1. what are you wearing?

    raymi: jeans sandals red and black striped sweater that i cut down the middle into a cardigan and a long tight blue american apparel tank with liter blue seams

    me: 2. what was the last song you danced to?

    raymi: i dont know i was insanely wasted and it was saturday nite something dancey
    like madonna or maybe rock

    me: 3. what song do you want to karaoke to right THIS SECOND?

    raymi: oh darling

    me: f the beetles 4. if fil was a black man – a famous one – who would he be?

    raymi: denzel

    me: 5. if you could demand one girl to go down on you who would it be>?

    raymi: angelina jolie

    me: 6. if you were a tiger would you eat people or just scare the shit out of them?

    raymi: i’d be nice and play with them so then someone would buy me and have me live illegally in their home

    me: 7. what salad dressing on your salad ma’am?

    raymi: vinegarette
    i spelled it wrong

    me: 8. pink or white panties?

    raymi: pink
    white shows stians – stains

    me: 9. name two newish bloggers that dont suck

    raymi: uh… i forget… how new
    i dunno all the girls who are nice to me and want to be my friends and talk to me on msn
    i like rilah and gusgreeper cos they are retarded like me
    and have my back!

    me: 10. two men appear in your house, both approved by fil. one has a verry long schween but has bad breath. the other has a normal sized sxhween but looks exactly like justin timberlake – who you got?

    raymi: jt!
    me: 11. what was the best song matt sang during his last few shows?

    raymi: i would say hurt
    but hm
    load me up is my fave
    absolutely and fils too we listen to it in thecar and then fil drives faster

    me: 12. lets pretend that you masterbated – would you watch porn or think about people?

    raymi: i think about nothing and everything i dont need porn, it slows me down

    me: 13. what tv show are you obsessed by right now?
    raymi: afv

    me: with that new dude?
    that dude blows!?!?

    raymi: we love him
    hes awesome he says crazy shit
    thats like awkward but it works

    me: 14. if you were going to coachella who would you want to see the most?
    name 5

    raymi: ladytron

    me: predictable

    raymi: im looking
    yeah yeah yeahs

    me: of course

    raymi: sigur ros

    me: !!!

    raymi: daft punk

    me: which is funny since theyre not punk

    raymi: clap yer hands say yeah

    me: have you seen them?

    raymi: music to get fucked up to

    me: not metric?

    raymi: i am boooooooooored of metric
    i am prractically in that band
    i have seen them so many times

    me: not wolf parade?

    raymi: feh
    i dont know anything about them other than everyone is into them and i have never heard them

    me: not wolfmother?

    raymi: them too, no idea
    do they know me?

    me: everyone knows you baby
    not matisyahu?

    raymi: again why am i not a millionaire
    dunno that either but something tells me it has something to do with hot asian bitches?

    speaking of hot asian hos

    raymi: tony more questions not about music

    me: 20 if fil was murdered would you avenge his death or move on with your life as a lesbian?

    raymi: avenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then kill myself
    id go on a bender until i was 400 lbs

    me: k
    stay topless

    raymi: xo

    raymi + fil + coachella blog + sk smith