1. Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    me: raymi what are you wearing 

    raymi: oh sorry im, im wearing these pants i just cut into short/pants that are black cords and i look amazing
    and cowboy boots
    with pink and blue striped sox sticking out
    and a white tank top thing and a lot of makeup

    me: why arent you wearing a bikini, i thought it was hot over there?

    2:03 PM raymi: cos i am going to be meeting some lady friends in an hour on a patio and i am practising wearing clothes

    me: are you guys gonna have a pretend tea party?

    2:04 PM raymi: yes but the pretending will be real and the tea with be huge booze drinks

    me: what will be the topics of discussion on the table?
    … do you predict.

    2:05 PM raymi: morphine ex loser boyfriends obesity funny things i said or did once

    me: ive only done demerol, never morphine

    2:06 PM raymi: ive done neither

    me: dont fret, yr young

    raymi: aha

    me: did who you wanted to win win american idol

    2:07 PM raymi: that wasnt english

    me: you dont speak french all of a sudden? i thought you were canadian.

    2:08 PM raymi: i meant
    oh nevermind
    i didnt see who won was it the grey head guy

    me: yes
    why dont you watch Lost either

    raymi: HE WON!
    oh cos i dont
    2:09 PM i have never seen an episode of sopranos

    me: i cant believe im telling you this almost a week later

    raymi: i like huff tho
    well sorry

    me: prince played, it was killer
    why dont you watch more tv, is toronto really that fascinating?

    2:10 PM raymi: prince is too gay for me. i saw him and i turned it off.
    oh i watch othe rstuff like movies and i play video games
    and i write stories

    2:11 PM me: baby ive seen the gay shit that you put on your blog. there is Nothing too gay for you.

    speaking of which. lets come out with books soon
    i started writing one yesterday

    2:12 PM raymi: im writing one
    i started a month ago

    me: write something every day for 100 days
    good you need a head start
    youre a girl

    raymi: i dont put gay things on my blog my blog is awesome
    whats yer book

    me: your blog is awesome despite the gayshit
    its a novel autobiography
    mostly real but fake parts when i slow down

    raymi: tell me one gay thing on it
    2:13 PM and maybe i put gay things on it if i put gay things on it maybe i put them there for a reason

    me: i trust your reasons
    no one has hyped your blog more than i

    raymi: thats true
    but what was gay?

    2:15 PM me: didnt you have a guy getting blown by another guy next to a tree?
    last time i checked that was borderline gay.

    raymi: well that’s FUNNY!

    me: i never said it wasnt funny.

    2:17 PM raymi: excellent
    2:18 PM me: oki guess that does it for this interview
    raymi: i wonder what i will eat tonite

    me: ok blow fil for us

    raymi: ew
    hey wait

    me: yes baby?

    raymi: what did the 1 say to the 11

    2:19 PM me: ahhhh idont know

    raymi: who’s your friend?
    also what did the 0 say to the 8 ?

    me: ahahahaha
    later raymi!!

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