ok so we got the 100 comments

so thank you. and thank you to all the people who turned you onto the busblog.

lots of what i do here is an experiment. the first “blogs” that i read werent really blogs, they were web sites written and designed by cam girls. they were beautifully designed, beautifully updated, very smart, and better blogs than what most of whats out there.

many of those cam girls arent around any more, but a few are, notably my favorite, nay.

anyways what i learned from those girls is if you ask something from your audience you might just get it.

of course it helped if you were young, beautiful, and had an audience of horny old men, but my idealistic mind thought “if a dude was really the shit, he could get some of what those cam girls are getting too.” so pretty much right away i started asking my readers for anything that i thought the cam girls were getting – love, attention, comments, gifts, pics, etc.

it wasnt because i thought i was the shit, it was purely because i thought if one blogger without a penis could get it, one with one should be able to get it too.

it was silly but life is silly and sure enough ive gotten pretty much everything that ive wanted off this blog.

ultimately i would like to earn a living off this blog, without asking money from all of you. advertising is pretty much the only way i can see this happening – sponsorship is the other. since i dont see a lot of other bloggers being sponsored by one or two corporations, advertising is going to have to be the means to the ends.

i bring this up because we are approaching the year anniversary of ads on the busblog. and as you can see from the left hand side i dont have any blogads currently on the sidebar, but i do have some text ads.

i must say that i am impressed that not too many of you have called me a sell out or have bitched or have asked me about my gold rimmed caddy. in fact i can count the haters on one hand. if not one pinky. for that i am grateful.

as an airsign my biggest dream in life is freedom. this year i have lost a sponsor because i bashed bush but ive gained dozens of sponsors for being who i am. and my readership has stayed steady at around 50,000 page views a month.

for all of you who have stuck by me during this very turbulent twelve months i thank you from the bottom of my heart. for those of you who have been on the busblog for even longer than that i am grateful for even longer than eternity.

and for all of you hot babes who have sent me nudes, and videos, and soiled undies, just know that youve kept me away from tall bridges.

finally for all of you who donated to the ipod fund. you shit will be coming soon. trust me. and thank you for your patience.

tonight i will be going to see th dodgers with my old college buddy asher from austin, owner of the austin rock club Room 710 on red river. and it will be a joy to see baseball with someone who knows the game. even i get depressed sometimes and i forget how lucky i am. today im remembering.