1. Saturday, June 17, 2006

    two years ago today there was a disturbance in the force 

    madpony calls it quits

    weeks after madpony started, the busblog was telling you about them. two sweet oklahoman sisters. one in highschool, one in a sorority at ou. but these were different sisters from oklahoma than all the others. they were special.

    since then this site has posted profiles of both young women. their absence in the blogosphere will be deeply missed.

    Thursday, June 17, 2004

    i think it’s time to state the inevitable. madpony has come to an end. it’s been a very fun (almost) two years sharing my stories with you all, but i feel quite literally like i’m beating a dead horse.

    – kristin, madpony.com

    dumbass_dumberass: :( :( :(

    kristin: hi sweetie

    dumbass_dumberass: right before i found out about you, i found out that the drummer of tsar quit on monday

    kristin: double sucks
    kristin: i’m sorry :-(

    dumbass_dumberass: will you give me an exclusive interview

    kristin: i guess :-)
    kristin: but not tonight

    dumbass_dumberass: you dont have 15 minutes for your #2 fan?

    kristin: oh sweetie
    kristin: i’m just exhausted

    dumbass_dumberass: 14 minutes?

    kristin: sigh

    dumbass_dumberass: should i blame your bf?

    kristin: nah

    dumbass_dumberass: whats the reason then?

    kristin: i’m just tired of it
    kristin: interview tomorrow if you want