1. Monday, July 31, 2006

    tagged by JimH 

    Five things in my (bachelor) freezer:
    1. huge box of otter pops
    2. gallon of low fat cookie dough ice cream
    3. many boxes of bbq rib 99cent tv dinners
    4. one half bottle of jack
    5. 5 lbs of crushed ice

    Five things in the closet:
    1. this computer
    2. an unused bong
    3. way too many baseball cards
    4. an award given to me by the Daily Nexus
    5. some boxers i beat off in

    Five things in the car:
    1. my ipod
    2. a stinky smell in the trunk because of a leak
    3. a flannel just in case
    4. 24 bottles of water in case of the Big One
    5. a thomas bros guide for LA and Orange counties

    Five things in my backpack:

    1. laptop computer
    2. three unused condoms
    3. a notebook for something im writing
    4. a picture of a girl in africa
    5. an automatic pistol for later tonight

    i tag grace + paige + sunshine + and jenny