1. Monday, October 23, 2006

    people say oh LAist is too cool for me 

    plus i dont even live there.

    to which i say yeah. you’re probably right.

    but heres what we covered today anyways

    – UCLA was superclose to beating Notre Dame but choked by allowing a three-pass 80 yard march to Touchdown Jesus.
    – How to Get an Absentee Ballot while staying Online
    – Today was the iPod’s birthday and a few other pretty famous people
    – Make Your Own Bus Stop Kit (couch not included)
    – How to Get your old Mac shit into your new MacBook
    – The entire George Brett Pine Tar Incident (9 minutes long)
    – Rocket, Yo La Tengo, Margaret Cho, Abe Vigoda (no, not Fish), D.O.A., The Bad Samaritans, and Metal Skool all played tonight. be jealous.
    – 5 stories about YouTube and one funny thing that got a brotha fired
    – 4 Facts about our Santa Ana winds. ok fine, this ONE is soooo LA i can understand if you wouldnt be into it.
    – 6 scary videos of universal appeal
    Wee Shu Min has more than a mouthful… i mean Get an 80 hour Tivo with 1 year of service for just $125
    Decemberists rule live even in October
    – the lady from Will & Grace has a crappy talk show by our boy Anti
    – what McDonalds Monopoly pieces you should keep an eye on
    – The Man, poking through Snoop Dogg’s computer bag, busts him for having an 8″ baton – flaccid

    photo of Kira who, if you live in Iowa could use a place to crash in a few weeks