1. Wednesday, November 1, 2006

    the mcrib is back 

    ive got chicken breasts in the fridge waiting to get george formaned but the mcrib is back.

    i just had shrimp at lunch at a secret movie studio but i went to two mcdonalds on the way home.

    i love mcribs so much that sometimes i buy the frozen 99 cent dinners that are basically mcribs but theyre not

    and now that ive had my first mcrib of the mcrib season i can tell you right now theres nothing that can compare to a real mcrib

    done correctly

    with you.

    last night i watched the lakers with a girl who had no idea what the rules of basketball were, who anyone was, or the meaning of the term “its ok to smoke in my house”.

    i know i dont smoke, i know i dont have any ashtrays, i know my nose gets irritated when smoke shows up, but if i say you can smoke in my house you can smoke in my damn house – so smoke!

    and if i say your breath smells fine dont get all paranoid and brush your teeth ten million times.

    i am an old man. i enjoy the smell of all smokes. cigar tobacco pipes bongs even cloves. light up fucker.

    same goes with french kisses with a girl from france whose not wearing pants.

    life is not so complicated and even though they came back to win i said baby you dont need to know anyone on that team nohow.