the boringest year of the busblog

february 2006

2/1 questions are asked and answered including “what do you think about people who are jealous about you going to Holland on’s dime?”

2/2 jack abramoff writes in and asks if i will smoke weed in amsterdam. i show a picture of just a girl in pink panties

all things christie makes me fill out a 73 question survey. i oblige because she wants me.

2/6 dear britney spears, in which i suggest that she hires me to drive her around so that she wont put her baby on her lap and drive any more

2/7 exclusive interview with raymi the minz

2/8 hi blank area in the blogger post.

2/9 “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow bring the petty pace of speed and grace and rock n roll and tofu girls, I don’t know why everything is so bizarre right now but it is and it is and it is and it is”

2/10 instapundit defends bush, hilarity ensues

2/11 dear muslim extremists rioting in the streets because of some cartoons,

2/12 several people ask me deeply personal questions and i answer them all

2/13 tribute to jeanine on her birthday

2/14 more questions asked about my penis, more answers

2/14 i get put on the cover of the SXSWi mailer with a few other luminaries

2/15 even more very personal questions are asked and answers, in which i conclude that pitt is fat and halfgay

2/16 on the vice president drunkenly shooting a senior citizen in the face

2/17 “subtlety is for poetry, piano playing, and eating pussy.”

2/18 “ads from the GOP and the monies that they pay are true blood money, so if Glenn wants it, he can have it.”

2/19 even more personal questions are asked and answered including “shaved or unshaved”

2/20 “she said tony im never going to marry you. and i said shhh shhh baby youre delirious, shhhhh.”

2/21 first day in amsterdam

2/22 second day in holland, woke up with miss amsterdam

2/23 bicyclemark, john from the americablog, and myself go to a squatter bar

2/25 i get tempted in the red light district by a hooker who looks exactly like avril lavigne

2/26 my last day in amsterdam, i get so high i puke, embarrassing myself in front of JaG who i get to meet for the first time. ps shes hot

2/27 saying goodbye to my hotel room

2/28 Pitt asks “Do you think acknowledging Jackie Robinson’s inclusion into MLB downgrades the real afro-american that broke the colour line: Jack Johnson?”

2/28 Buck O’Neil dissed by Baseball Hall of Fame proving that even when you’re 94 years old and more than deserving, Life will prove repeatedly that it isnt fair, nor reasonable.