the death of the busblog

april 2006

4/2 i hate you cold

4/3 happy opening day

4/3 dear best friend in africa, i miss you

4/4 my chair smells of a terrible combination of sourdough bread farts and Endust. my floor is littered with dozens of used kleenexes. theyre mostly congregated around the fireplace but theyre strewn in such a way that they appear to be running out of the fireplace into the safety of my writing closet.

4/4 preparing my readers for 01:02:03 04/05/06

4/5 announcing i will be in toronto in a few days

4/6 a short list of buzznet pieces i had written about Coachella, as well as guest blogging elsewhere

4/7 remembering the day kurdt kobain died

4/8 i spent 24 hours in toronto to see matt good and party with pitt and the boys for raymis birthday, here are photos

4/9 full recap of most of what happened in kitchner, waterloo, and TO

4/11 inviting people to head over to buzznet to read about the original franz ferdinand and see the pants naked. i was also #312 on technorati (currently im in the 400s)

4/12 “its been about a year since ive had a girlfriend. i guess that serves me right since i wasnt very good to my last ones. but still, i put out, chicks oughtta be banging down my door.”

4/13 mc brown and azalea have a secret wedding in malibu

4/14 good friday! i asked readers to put up a buzznet coachella blogad for free, and several actually do!

4/15 bad saturday. oklahoma dude kidnaps, murders, and plans to eat a young girl. had linked and quoted me in his blog

4/17 depressed about the oklahoma killer

4/17 a better list of people who gave us free buzznet blogads, a picture of me at a party i have no recollection of, and my favorite picture of my neice

4/18 i have drinks with Carolyn of LAist at mussos and franks

4/19 six months before it came out, the busblog shows you the apocalypto trailer and link to the easter egg

4/20 scott mcclellan resigns, i spit on his grave

4/20 i get named one of LA Weekly’s 100 LA People

4/21 i invite my readers to check out what i wrote on Thought Mechanics about the FDA’s findings about marijuana (which Thought Mechanics has now removed)

4/23 i go to austin to see dan and sara’s wedding and dj the dance party

4/25 long long description of the dan and sara thing

4/25 long long exclusive interview with raymi le mnx

4/26 bruce springsteen does cover songs, gets a bad review on the busblog

4/26 a negative commentor dares filthy the busblog with his lies, pays dearly

4/27 people tell me what to see at coachella

4/28 yes our buzznet tent at coachella looked cozy but we got a lot done in there and it ruled.

4/29 day one at coachella

4/29 nice picture of perry farrell and friend in the vip tent

4/30 nice picture of me and lady sovereign