when i was younger

it was all about the police. they were the coolest band in town. everything about them was cool.

you bought their records for one reason because they all looked nice sitting in a row underneath your turntable.

it was burning hot here in LA so i woke up early and got some work done and tried to go to the bank but the bank by my house is so popular that even at noon fourty five its packed, so i drove over to where the masons are, overby wilshire.

weve signed up a few new writers so i figured i could spend an hour or two in the daylight.

i had lost my atm card which is why i was at the bank.

when i go outside i feel like i have a pretty obnoxious demeaner, and i mean it. i dont want anyone to approach, i want everyone to stand back, i dont want to seem friendly.

today my beard is a good two weeks full, i had a knit cap on that said disgruntal postal workers association that has an eagle holding a machine gun, i had a flannel over my kum n go shirt

get to the bank and at my bank theres a lady that has a little stand by the front door. usually you just speed right by her after saying hola or something but lately for some reason ive had to started saying more than hi.

but right as i start talking to her this korean old man approached and butted in, talking and pointing at a statement.

she tried to hook him up with an agent that spoke korean and i was all, take your time baby, and i sat down and looked at the man

and tried to esp him a book that ive writing called

flying fuck.

turned out it was close to 90 degrees today

and we had way more posts today than normal

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