beyonce is telling me

that i shouldnt feel as though im irreplaceable. its a very mean song. very.

to the left to the left.

she has an all girl band going.

you must not know bout me.

the good lord has given us some warm weather to remind us that we live in a great town, but now in order to get us ready for playoff football hes gonna put a lil chill in the air.

id be lying if i didnt say that im a little worried about the bears this weekend. i dont care who theyre playing. that fool grossman is a wildcard.

ive been online dating.

two out of three women they try to hook me up with are elementary school teachers.

at first it was cute but now its a bit troubling.

most of these women consider dan brown their most current favorite author.

i believe i filled out the paper work incorrectly.

i have no problems with elementary school teachers, its just so many of them.

if Sirius was smart theyd figure out a way to sneak their system into those iPhones.