Dear Tony, I think I have a solution to your problem

Your Busblog readers want more Tony, and your Laist boss wants more hits. How about creating an email list, a subscription list, and send out an email once a week to Busblog readers who will Digg whatever Laist story you want us to. If enough Busblog readers Digg a story at the same time, it will get to the front page of Digg and you will have enough hits that you could take the day off and write exclusively for da Busblog. And you should only write for Busblog on those days.

Tell your readers to sign up for Digg and tell those who want to get email blasts from you once a week to email you with their email address.

Not a Dumb Blonde

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dear NADB,

first of all we didn’t have a problem. However, i think this is a GREAT idea. and i would be happy to take a day off any day LAist gets on digg.

so yes, go for it, sign up for digg, email me at busblog at with your email address and put Sign Me Up For the Blasts in the subject header so i know that you’re good, and maybe this might make for way more busblog posts.

very interesting.

and if you wanna stoke LAist, today, we have this post about toilet seats that seems to be pretty close to getting on the front page.