1. Monday, January 29, 2007

    huge storm heading to miami 

    and other headlines

    interview with the hot babe in brentwood who is giving away a great super bowl ticket and a chance to be her date and two of her hot girlfriends

    remember when i went to the bears cardinals game on monday night in october?

    metafilter loved pans labyrinth. i didnt.

    flagrant is thinking about writing without being so gd mysterious. i say do whatever gets you through the night baby.

    sk smith was on a little writing streak but then hit a wall

    nay, one of my all time favorite bloggers, has stopped her free blog and is pay-only now. so sad.

    as a science experiment i sent one of the hottest girls ever down to san diego. not only does she love dressing up and pleasing her man, but shes smart, shes funny, shes in grad school, and shes single. the experiment was: is there even one real man in san diego to woo this woman, and the answer is a resounding of course not, its freaking san diego.