1. Thursday, January 25, 2007

    its 314am 

    i can barely see enought to html. my laptop is doing that thing where it will magically highlight a nice long sentence and replace it with the last letter that you type.

    everything is trying to make me come to bed, even the faint snore of a eurogirl who has overkept her welcome or however you say it.

    im stoned and tired and drunk and sore.

    she got on top of me and started pushing down hard. fast. hard.

    her hair fell perfectly around her face like a perfect shower can do.

    i am the luckiest in the world. i know it. lets just try to ignore it some more.

    its 317am and LAist has 13 stories finished and ready to post for “tomorrow”. movable type has this thing where you can “schedule” your post. something i adore. blogger doesnt have it yet, far as i know. not the one i use at least. but i dont care about that, we dont need that shit here, but on LAist, we totally do. because it lets the posts just flow nicely.

    you can go back there throughout the day and theres always something new up on that shit.

    and when you have your morning and most of your early afternoon all laid out, you can fill in the blanks as breaking news happens.

    or you can sleep in.

    or you can sleep until 10am as a practice for friday when you have to wake up at 8am.

    make that 7am, because i have to be at a tv studio at 845am because i have an audition that im ashamed about so lets not talk about that neither.

    i just wanna be like the GM for the Chicago Bears. do you know his name?

    hes the guy who built the team and you know, got them into the Super Bowl.

    i love putting good people together.

    a few hours ago we got on the front page of Digg. a little story about why one of our writers still likes Netflix over Blockbuster. it’s good, it’s simple, it’s accurate, its written well. but its the last story youd think would ever get dugg.

    but its the second one that got dugg on LAist this week.

    second in two days, as a matter of fact.

    Jerry Angelo is the GM of the Chicago Bears.

    yesterdays LAist:
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