1. Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    yes i entered the win the date 

    to the super bowl with three hot chicks contest.

    no, i didnt win.

    yes im sorta relieved because flying to miami from LA is pricey when you only give them three days notice. and driving is pretty much out of the question if youre not on speed.

    and hotels in miami, and i could just use all that money on a new plasma screen tv that i could just watch the game on. etc.

    anyways, this is the email she sent me and the other losers who had made it to the “finals”

    Hey guys…

    Just wanted to tell you thanks so much for your submissions. You made it all
    the way to the end of what ended up being an over 1,300 person contest. I
    literally read 1,250 of those (50 or so Colts fans got bumped by the Axe
    people to save me some OBVIOUSLY wasted time). So I have to tell you,
    unfortunately, none of you are the lucky guy. I hate to break your hearts
    and it was REALLY hard to make the decision. I know it hurts more to be in
    the top 10 or 15 and not get there, but I know some of you will keep working
    your asses off to get into the stadium and will pull off whatever it takes
    to witness history. I just wanted to tell all of you that I think you all
    seem like amazingly fun guys and I’d love to somehow meet up in Miami if our
    paths happen to cross or we’re going to be running in the same circles.
    Assuming you don’t hate me for disappointing you, email me and maybe we’ll
    be able to find each other and party together — a huge crew of REAL Bears
    fans. Each and every one of you knows your shit and you’re all really good
    guys, so thanks again for submitting, let’s get fired up for what will be
    the greatest weekend of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!