in six days it will be jeanines 29th birthday

this time of month is rough on me for birthdays because a lot of my friends are aquariuses. greg and kira and lindsay and clipper girl and speaking of clipper girl i understand why someone would text message someone when they dont want to talk to them on the phone

but whats the purpose of texting them if you know theyre asleep and you know that their phone will chirp all night in the dead silence

chirp in the most annoying manner.

are you hoping that i get super pissed off and call you back all yelling and screaming?

im so not into drama. didnt we discuss this yesterday?

and pardon me but was there another person who took it upon themselves to give me some constructive criticism on how to blog?

is my i dont give a fuck what you think tshirt that ratty that you cant read it clearly?

sir, lowercase minimal grammar is nothing new, from ee to wcw to even bukowski, great american writers have a proud and long tradition of taking it easy with the pinkie key strokes.

however last year i accepted a job where i would blog for people who are easily distracted by lack of capital letters. it’s called LAist and over the last two days we’ve used so many capital letters that i wish i had a nickel for each one we used.

i have new neighbors and they either think im a drug dealer or a pornographer because each time that ive seen them ive been with different girls who reeked so badly of weed thtat it was actually remarkable. it was almost like a perfume.

anyways last night i got dragged out to Stomp The Yard.

i was all baby i have that on dvd. she was all fuck that santee alley bootleg bs. i was all who are you talking to? its an academy screener.

thirty minutes later there i was shelling out $17

and actually really enjoying it.

like really enjoying it.

maybe it was the company.