me and raymi have a stoney, sarcastic

arguement about religion, part two

dumbass, inc says: yeah both God and Jesus are mostly pissed off, cold, and bitter for most of the bible

raymi says: the bible is bullshit

dumbass, inc says: it isnt exactly clear why they do anything for mankind other than the fact that we are made in their image

raymi says: i dont want to argue in circles
raymi says: basically christianity is backed by a lot of stupid people
raymi says: delusional
raymi says: and misled

dumbass, inc says: and your favorite people
dumbass, inc says: prince

raymi says: and using it to back politics yeesh
raymi says: sad

dumbass, inc says: politics?

raymi says: nevermind

dumbass, inc says:michael jackson
dumbass, inc says: foriegner

raymi says: why are you naming famous people what kind of shit is this

dumbass, inc says: night ranger
dumbass, inc says: do you ever karoke sister christian?
dumbass, inc says: freaking crowd pleaser
raymi says: no

dumbass, inc says: Motoring! What’s your price for flight?

raymi says: haha
dumbass, inc says:

isnt night ranger canadian?

raymi says: dunno
raymi says: i dunno

dumbass, inc says: i always thought they were

part one can be found on her blog

its 3:30am and its raining

i was going to write how nice and peaceful and great it is to have total silence at this hour as a perfect canvas for the rain but then i remembered that i have left a plant outside who has a pot that doesnt drain. looks like that suckers gonna be swimming till at least noon tomorrow.

for lent im giving up fast food. i have very weird eating habits. if i am at home i dont eat. if im driving around i eat everywhere i can. today around 6pm i started starving. but then the phone rang and then the thing dinged and then IM blipped and i remembered that i had lunch meat in my fridge.

i always have lunch meat in my fridge and each week i throw out unopened lunch meat. same with the milk. same with the salsa. same with the strawberries.

bachelor bob tells us to always have strawberries around in case you get lucky and bring a girl home, that way if you wake up in the morning and you still like her you have something to apply whipped cream to

while you eat the strawberries.

so i made a sandwhich. maybe the first time id done that in months and months. i am so LA that its easier for me to get into my car and drive to the jack n the box for a taco four blocks away other than walk there or make my own taco and then dip it into boiling old grease.

for lent no fast food no drive thrus so i made a sandwhich and it was delicious because i put a little miracle whip in there and i know the things that i eat arent all healthy but seriously id have jack in the box for breakfast because they serve breakfast all day and then bk for lunch and then mcdonalds for dinner. And id snack.

im fat. theres no way women find this appealing. girls are insane. everyones high. i watched nanny 911 today and i fell asleep during Countdown with keith.

today i was supposed to take a day off because we hit our goal with three days left in the month and since i hadnt really taken a day off in months i was gonna take it off but a body in motion stays in motion and even though its wet and rainy and maybe will be tomorrow tomorrow i will take the day off.

which is today. tuesday. and if i learned anything from monday means that if i want to take a day off i have to leave the house and not take the laptop, burglers. and id love to go to the vista but they insist on showing ghostrider and theres no way that movie can be any good.