today is jeanines 28th birthday

thats a painting i did, it was supposed to be of jeanine but it turned into a painting of a mexican lady born to monkeys at the zoo jeanine escape and found an evil princess who turned her into an 18 year old girl and sent her to isla vista california home of one thing and one thing only, 19 year old tony pierce. the first two dates were miserable and the third was even worse so i was all no really no really lez be friends.

and i sorta meant it but not really and one day it was raining, sorta like a day like today and it was grey and cloudy and isla vista is usually like 100% perfect and sunny even at night. the girls float down the streets and the gutters are filled with taffy. the billygoats come up to you and ask you to lower your voice there are women present and the mules eat pizza crusts in the dumpsters.

jeanine came over to my house in the rain with the intention of playing guitars with me. basically me learning from her. basically her ruling the galaxy. and basically we sat down in my bedroom on the floor and she took out her guitar and she just started shredding like mad and her hair parted and this beautiful face and beautiful voice came out and i thought ive gotta see this ho naked.

two weeks later she was naked. because isla vista had taffy in its gutters.

it took three days to have sex with her because im so huge.

finally in mexico we got super drunk and danced to heavy metal at a top 40 club and she was all hurry up im wasted itll get it now.

and the thing is jeanine and i have quite a few secret stories that these dont even seem that dark but it was. she cried and i cried and the rain kept coming down even there in mexico even before then in frisco but we just kissed and let the rain come down as everything started changing and everything was mixing with water and tears and blood.

jeanine rockin it in miami for super bowl sundayand worse.

and if theres something ive learned about living here in america over all these years is that if you mix together all of the weirdest shit you can, and then put it under pressure, and then mix it with water and tears and blood, and then mix some drugs in there, lots, and some drugs, lots, and then let the angels above want to sing through you, something oddly amazing will get made.

after a few years jeanine moved to prauge with os and i was the saddest id ever been, america. the saddest. the days were so dark i wrote my darkest poetry of all. sometimes id get so tired of writing the darkest poetry of all that id just hand the pen over to the devil and let him write it for me.

of course mine was better.

all of it was about jeanine and many years later id move away from frisco and chris and i ended up on jeanines futon in LA for a year. she walked around totally naked and shed cook and shed clean and she raised the iguana that i had given her and it grew up big and strong and perfect.

i have a lot of friends. more than i deserve. ive experienced many different layers of emotions and mysterious feelings. including love, the strangest of them all.

i love jeanine as deeply as one can

and i have since the first time i wanted to see her naked.

tonight, if she will allow me to, i will take her to an italian restaurant whose name escapes me, because shes 1/2 italian.

i dont know about soul mates.

i think i have like a half dozen soul mates and one is a baseball team.

and today one of them is having a birthday

on acid.