1. Wednesday, March 7, 2007

    im procrastinating cuz im an idiot 

    all i hafta do is my laundry. thats it. i have to take it to the place, put it in, get some chicken and eat it, put the shit in the dryer. play NBA Live on PSP while listening to the new arcade fire which rules

    but im trying to be late for things.

    how insanely bizarre.

    its 74 degrees here in LA and im inside. i know the problem. i love my house. i love my routine. i love everything about it.

    today i had to talk a little business with my boss and that is a little uncomfortable but other than that my life is right on the money. and even though sxsw is like my favorite ten days of the year, id rather be in my pajamas here in hollywood listening to music and accepting packages at the door oh look at that, a four foot bong. i didnt know you could deliver that mr usps man.

    “it doesnt have a bowl in there, so its not a bong” he says and hands me the pen to sign for it.

    we interrupt this procrastination post with an exclusive interview with raymi the sphynx

    me: do you have the arcade fire cd yet?
    raymi: thenew one no
    me: in canada they didnt just give them out with your quart of milk on tuesday?

    raymi: we dont get free milk
    me: then what good is canada? i thought it was socialist and shit wtf

    raymi: um no. you are pretty ignorant of countries that aren’t the states

    me: because clearly they dont matter if they dont have free milk And theyre cold
    And they dont pass out the new Arcade Fire cd in the milk box

    raymi: they should

    me: it should have a sticker of the queen giving the thumbs up, “there you are, peons, enjoy the milk!” “and this great new cd”

    raymi: what would america give out for free? guns? bullets?
    me: depends on where you live. yes to those things if you live in the south, and free crack if you live in the hood, thanks cia!

    raymi: mcdonalds tshirts
    me: those are a buck at goodwill, so almost free