in a past life im pretty sure i was a hillbilly.

i dont mind the smell of shit, i love southern rock, and i believe that if your car isnt going to get parked on your lawn then what the fuck did you get such a big lawn fer?

if i can get my act together i will finish this blog, get a phone call soon from this chick who has grown accustomed to talking dirty with me after last call until she falls asleep while touching herself, and then i can get to sleep, and then i will wake up and go to a funeral.

i dont think ive been to a funeral since my grandmother died when i was in high school.

lots of people die in the xbi but we dont have funerals otherwise everyone would know, duh, whos in the xbi.

the little joke i tell the widows are, damn i hope theres room left for us up there when its our turn.

no one ever laughs at my jokes.

it was 77 degrees today but i didnt go outside because i was working my ass off. you have no idea how much work it is to beat peoples asses. then the best laid plans still fall apart. even when we have the product, the story, the goods.

this week has been such a recovery of sxsw. in the week i lost all my check books, my wallet, my hotel receipt, my mind, and cathy seipp, whose funeral i will dress up for.

you may not know it because i pretend to be a sloppy and lazy writer, but i choose my words very carefully when i type. and even though i wrote about cathy when she was sick and then again when she died, and then in an email to her daughter, the one thing i wanted to convey was how feminine she was through it all.

i didnt even try to explain it because i was afraid it would be totally misunderstood but theres something about someone who knows that theyre dying, who doesnt give up at all, but who also doesnt turn overly agressive, thats fascinating to me, and if you can do it while still staying incredibly graceful and feminine, i feel is something otherworldly.

to me thats how cathy lived her life during the short period of time where our circles crossed. she was strong and very much a woman and neither of those attributes canceled the other out.

we men have a tough trick being gentle without losing our masculinity which is why some of us grow beards and drive pick up trucks so you’ll never forget youre dealing with a gentle man.

i dont know who will be at the funeral, but ive got a pretty good idea. the same sort of people who would end up at matt and emmanuelles back yard on a summer evening, except we will be missing one very cool blonde.

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