1. Saturday, March 31, 2007

    me and karisa went to the avaong tongiht 

    im the bald oen

    it was crazazy and shit amd i glad i dont kneeed to html andy more.

    ok it was betsey johnson night and if you wore some betsey then you got a free bag. but we didnt know that. we just thought it was some weird raffle. and the line was long and it was La so peopl were cutting and ckarisa has a cast on and i just got back from sant i mean isla vista and nobody was prepared for the little LA hollywood game that you gotta placy to get whatr you want in hollywood on a friday night

    and all we anted waws to get karisa a bag and there were super cool ones and there were betsey johnson runway videos playing on the main screen and this horriblke female dj oon the wheels of sttttttteeeeel and we tried to get our groove on but nobody could get there groove on

    even with free drinkls

    even with cute gursl everywhere

    but is anyone cuter thank karisxa? no. maybe yes.

    there were som hotties but no nobody hotter than our girl.

    we drank. i forgot how quickly we can drink. has it been that long sincw e drank? i should take a cab to her house tomorroww. its her and her bfs bday tomorrowwww. im ean just his.
    i went to IV today cuza iut was hot.
    wehyenever its hot i thin ki should go to Venice or IV

    i picked IV

    hung with my bro joe

    and then ca,e home to hang with karisa who was sooooooo fun you have no idea. we drank and talked adn judged and gopt slowly drunk it was killer. shes the best shes probabkly the only person i coulda don that wiht,

    time do sleep fuckrs i mlove ou all.