1. Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    omg lost 

    remember i was telling you about jenn sherry the other day on her birthday, well i finally found some of her interviews and i had no idea that she interviewed one of my favorite bands of 2006, the submarines.

    i got an email from her boss the other day and he said that shes gonna interview me in the next few weeks so thats very exciting. the crazy thing is i think we’re gonna talk about coachella which i dont think im going to go to.

    ah irony.

    i dont think i will go because a) the motels are $400 a night – how is that even possible? b) its only one weekend c) i bet i can find people who are already going who will write about it for LAist

    im such an old man. the other night i went to safari sams for check yo ponytail. i was there to see data rock but they didnt get on till way late and i got a phone call that the site was fuct. i saw two bands. one was good. i saw someone who i think still writes for us but im not sure. i love when she writes for us but i dont want to make it a bad scene so i dont bother her when she doesnt write.

    but she should.

    lost always inspires me to do stuff. today it inspired me to write a secret diary.

    heres bonus footage of jenn interviewing the Grates at spaceland!