sometimes the best way to start is to start

its 442. i need to take tomorrow off. but tomorrow is important for us because weve already broken all the previous records so every day is gravy. but who doenst like a shitload of gravy?

i have a dilemma that i wish was harder to figure out but all roads lead to meet me in vegas.

for a very short period of time i was representing a very small portion of the microsoft organization. and they put me up in the best room ive ever been in at caesars palace. during comdex. it was amazing. the year before i was working at philips and nobody wanted to come to our booth even though we had the shit a year before it was microsofts. yet there i was on tv because i was wearing a microsoft polo instead of a philips one.

even the porsche we were giving away couldnt outshine the sparkle of that company at that time.

i imagine people feel the same way about apple or google today.

but it is interesting to see people leaving google and microsoft these days. big people. but i’ll tell you, after that comdex i felt very weird working for basically one guy and knowing that my hard work was going to a bazillionaire, so what difference does it really make.

so i quit and sold hot dogs in candlestick and was far more rewarded.

i should just take this girl to vegas. stay at the rio. stumble down and dance to prince. call a girl up to strip in the room for a few minutes and then see if she would double or nothing us to scrabble. as long as she doesnt get last she gets double.

i have lost like ten or twelve pounds since lent started. i will say this about giving up fast food. not only have i had to find belts, but my poops are downright perfect.

totally fascinating for you too im sure.