today is jennifer sherrys birthday

shes 24. which means shes too old for me.

if she was younger i would have gotten her flowers sent to her dressing room before she got on the air today. then i would have taken her to the pantry and had a cabbage eating contest with her.

then i would have played the old, lets give away our food to the homeless game and seen who got the coolest homeless dude.

or lady.

jennifers birthday should be celebrated today because she left her town in kansas and followed her dream in LA. as a fellow midwesterner i can tell you that there are a lot of people back home who do not believe in the american dream, let alone the californian dream, which if you ask me IS the american dream.

my girl wanted to come out here and hang with rock stars and be on tv. people told her she was too tall or too curvy or too whatever. maybe they told her shed need fake boobs. maybe they told her that LA is for weirdos. maybe they told her that nothing is as finer as a kansas office job and a low mortgate. is that how you spell that word? what a dumb word.

jennifer should be celebrated because deep down im a very shy person. and on an airplane i am even shyer because all i wanna do is sleep. i sleep better on planes than anywhere in the world because with no directv and no dsl and no busblog i feel like i have no purpose and then my body agrees and we all dream about computers and television and rock music and hot chicks with cool hair and the ability to know even more obscure music than you.

that doesnt happen in kansas, people. it only happens in the city of angels. in a town so nice they named it once.

y en espanol.

for your ass.

beck is playing tonight at the echo for jennifer.

modest mouse is playing tomorrow night at magic mountain for her.

and even the sun came out to see what the hell the commotion is about.

happy birthday ms sherry who doesnt read the busblog and thats an even better reason to raise your glass tonight.