1. Thursday, May 24, 2007

    me: i got soul food 

    darth vader versus obi wan and they talk toastSocialist Hippie Chick: it better be the ‘healthy for your soul’ kind of food [wink]

    me: is there any other kind?

    Socialist Hippie Chick: what did you get?

    me: smothered chicken, collard greens, rice and gravy, sweet potatoes, corn bread, and a big cookie, and a Big Gulp of dr pepper

    Socialist Hippie Chick: holy shit!

    me: [smile] being thin is for girls. being happy is where its at. i would apply to work there as a summer job but i dont wanna take a job away from a young black kid. i love my people. i may not have made out with many of my sistahs, but i love them.

    Socialist Hippie Chick: you can be thin and happy btw. and actually happeir [wink]

    me: ive never seen it

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i am super happy when i get A LOT OF EXERCISE. it just makes me feel good that i can kick ass so well.

    me: lots of things make me super happy. eating yupiie food is not one of them

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i could have a really bad comment right now but i am hold my tongue [wink]

    me: ahahah DO IT!

    Socialist Hippie Chick: nope

    me: you know i can take it

    Socialist Hippie Chick: if you want to be fat and die of a heart attack fine[wink], but they build statues of fit and trim people.

    me: if anyone ever makes a statue of me, tear it down. i dont even like pictures o me

    Socialist Hippie Chick: you always look good in pictures. you have good eyes for pictures.

    me: doing things so that chicks will f you is silly too. and the root of all evil

    Socialist Hippie Chick: WHATEVER

    who are you?

    me: ahahahaah

    Socialist Hippie Chick: now you aren’t even making sense

    me: todays howard stern was probably the best show in 15 years
    all because fat artie just said fuckit and was super honest for the first time in a long time
    and howard was yelling back
    and robin chimed in
    and artie explained how unhappy he is

    Socialist Hippie Chick: about?

    me: and howard explained how he had a gun to his mouth twice

    Socialist Hippie Chick: ?

    me: artie is fat and alcoholic
    and sorta on drugs and has a gambling problem

    Socialist Hippie Chick: [frown]

    me: but if you ask me he is falling in the typical Libra thing
    which is, we can be on top of the world, but if we dont have someone in our life that we’re in love with, its like nothing else exists and we get very depressed.
    and artie is on the best radio show, he just played carnagie hall, he loves the howard show since its something that he and his dad loved as listeners
    but he loves to eat and do drugs and gamble and drink
    but the world is telling him he shouldnt
    but deep down hes heartbroken
    b/c he broke up with his gf last year
    and that has made him suicidal

    Socialist Hippie Chick: why did he break up with her?

    me: b/c she wanted him to shape up
    and he was at the crossroads of love or his vices
    and when a libra chooses anything but love we’re ruined
    so today artie said he wants to quit in january
    and maybe go to rehab
    but what set howard off was when howard called artie Bro and artie said we arent bros, we’re not even friends
    and it killed howard
    which is when robin chimed in
    it was great radio. but i learned that we shouldnt fight who we are. arties fat and im black. thus i should drink my grape soda, eat fast food, and soul food, and continue to give this country style while corrupting young white girls

    Socialist Hippie Chick: well i am glad the howard stern show is teaching you something….

    me: tell me you saw the Left Eye tlc special on mtv

    Socialist Hippie Chick: no

    me: you Have to see it. during her last month alive she was filming a doc
    all about her trying to reach some truth
    she went down to central america with her posse, including her bf and brother and closest friends. no makeup, and she was nude a lot

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i saw that a LONG time ago

    me: and the cameras were going when she died. you did?

    Socialist Hippie Chick: when she was fasting

    me: yes

    Socialist Hippie Chick: oh- didn’t see when she died

    me: i thought it was new? ah

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i saw some other documentary on her

    me: maybe they had only released a tiny bit, cuz this is an hour long
    only her voice the whole time cuz there were so many hours of footage

    Socialist Hippie Chick: they waited quite awhile

    me: its so good
    she tells the entire story of her life
    almost like she knew
    but the freakiest was when this little kid died a few days before she did

    Socialist Hippie Chick: [frown]

    me: the kid ran in front of their suv and her sister hit the kid
    and everyone was shaken up
    and she said of course we will pay for everything
    but the kids last name was lopez
    and she was having bad dreams that death was chasing her
    so she said, maybe death got the wrong person
    but then two days later, different car, but driving, bam
    and its such a random way to go too, just one little tiny wrong swerve
    anyways people should live their lives
    artie should eat
    im gonna make tshirts
    “let artie eat”

    Socialist Hippie Chick: well…
    there is always more to it
    you can say that about anyone
    serial killers….

    me: let john gacy kill?
    no, im saying everythings trying to kill us, and if it happens in a delicious way then fine

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i don’t think that people being fat and unhappy is really delicious
    and suffering from diabetes
    or heart disease as a result

    me: ok then this is what youve gotta do
    youve gotta convince people that the ages of 60-77 are worth not eating sweet potatoes covered in gravy when youre young
    because i barely get laid enough now, lord knows im not going to be getting laid when im 77, so fuck old age

    Socialist Hippie Chick: i’ll argue with you when i come over

    me: fair enough, i’ll be eating!